All the most Famous Types of PASTA in Italy!

Today we have made for you an article about a product we Italians love very much: “pasta”, a true delight! We Italians like it so much that we don’t only cook it by enriching with a lot of ingredients, but we also put a lot of effort in creating a plethora of ingredients, so much that every region has its own favorite shape of pasta. For this reason we are going to see the most famous types of pasta!

The most famous types of Italian pasta

Let’s begin immediately with a very appreciated shape:


Shape of pasta of various sizes which can be smooth or grooved, to hold the sauce and the flavor. A very well-known dish which is prepared with this type of pasta is: “penne all’arrabbiata“, namely penne with a spicy seasoning, “arrabbiata”, typical of the city Roma and, more in general, of the Lazio region.

Other types of pasta quite famous in Italy are:

Fusilli (corkscrew pasta)

This twisted shape type of pasta, which holds the seasoning and flavors more easily is native to southern Italy, and it iv the right choice for any occasion, that is both a formal ceremony and a simple dinner among friends!

Farfalle (bow-tie/ butterfly pasta)

Very aesthetically pretty type of pasta and also very popular in Italy, which takes that name because of the shape that look like butterflies. But be careful to the cooking because they could remain hard in the center and soggy outsides and risking, therefore, to ruin the meal.

Still, we have:


 Orecchiette/ conchiglie (little ears/ shells pasta)

“Orecchiette”, have a shape that resembles an ear and they’re particularly famous, especially in Apulia, for their taste when prepared with meat sauce, because it enters in the hunched part, but also with turnip greens. A type of pasta, kinda similar to orecchiette, are “conchiglie”, which take the shape of a shell. 


Type of pasta made with water and hard wheat with and elongated and thin (but it can be cut to make “spaghetti spezzati”) and they’re, usually, prepared, with tomato sauce and cheese. But there are a lot of recipes that involve them.


This elongated shape of pasta gives its best with bean sauce or meat sauce, but it can be also be prepared with mushrooms. there’s a green colored version, made by putting the spinach or the chard in the dough. In Italy, tagliatelle are quite famous because of the song “le tagliatelle di nonna Pina”.

Ravioli/ tortellini

This squared or roundish type of filled pasta, is made with a lot of different fillings, like: meat, vegetables and cheese depending on the recipes. A famous preparation is the one with cottage cheese and spinach. Speaking of filled pasta, we can’t not mention the ultra-famous tortellini! Even this type of pasta can have a great number of fillings (ham, cheese ecc.), and it can be particularly tasty if prepared in broth, a typical recipe prepared in the Christmas period. To enjoy them more, try them in  Bologna, the Red City, that we showed you in our vlog.

Before you leave, write us what your favorite shape of pasta is, and above all, how you like eating it! See you soon with a new article, bye!

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