Learn Italian ONLINE with our Impara Copiando course based on the Imitation Technique #4

All those people who want to start learning a new foreign language, whatever this language is, usually begin by buying a damned grammar textbook and an obnoxious bilingual dictionary.  This happens because they want to learn every possible grammar rule and memorise a multitude of words out of context… However, this kind of approach is a recipe for failure: communication is not all about grammar, syntax and vocabulary. During an act of communication, many other elements come into play all at the same time. This is why we decided to create the Learn by Copying course, the only free Italian course completely based on the Imitation Technique: the scientifically proven method that allows you to learn foreign languages quickly and automatically (without studying).

Learn Italian online for free 

A communication act involves many different steps and elements that go beyond just simple grammar, syntax and vocabulary.  The majority of foreign language students seems to completely ignore this simple truth: that’s why they spend a disproportionate amount of time studying with traditional methods and yet they fail when they try to speak a foreign language fluently and in a natural way.

Communication includes:

1. gestures;
2. facial expressions;
3. pitch;
4. pronunciation;
5. pace (pauses, slowdowns, accelerations);
6. … and many other elements!

Can I learn Italian in just 2 months?

Of course! If you take into account all of the elements that form a communication act, you can learn Italian, or any other language, in just a few weeks or months!

That’s why you have to take our free Italian course based on the IMITATION TECHNIQUE, the method that allowed millions of foreign language students all over the world to learn new languages, just by COPYING native speakers!

Enough chitchat, let’s explain how this technique works, for those who don’t know yet.

The Imitation Technique is divided into 3 steps:

1. LISTEN AND READ: in this first step you’ll just have to listen and read the story we are going to tell you.

2. LISTEN AND IMITATE: in this second step you’ll have to repeat exactly what we do and say while we tell you the story (don’t worry, we’ll pause the video so it’s easier for you to imitate us).

3. BECOME THE OTHER ONE: in this last step you’ll have to become us, so you’ll have to do and say exactly what we are doing and saying (beware: during this step, there will be no pause nor text on the screen).

That’s all! The Imitation Technique is as easy as it is effective! Use it to learn Italian in an automatic way!

… And don’t forget that we did other video lessons using the Imitation Technique in Italian: give them all a look!

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