Learn Italian AUTOMATICALLY with the Imitation Technique – Lesson #3

Most of the time, people who want to learn a foreign language (whether it’s English or Italian, French or German) start by buying a grammar textbook and a bilingual dictionary and learning every possible grammar rule and word. But what most people don’t understand is that communication is not all about grammar, syntax and vocabulary. During an act of communication, many other elements come into play all at the same time, that’s why we decided to create a free Italian course completely based on the Imitation Technique: the method that helped millions of people all over the world to learn foreign languages automatically, without studying!

Learn Italian with this automatic method 

A communication act is formed by a series of elements and steps that go beyond just grammar, syntax and vocabulary: this is why many foreign language students, despite studying for many years with the help of traditional books and classes, fail when they try to actually speak a foreign language fluently.

Communication includes:

1. gestures;
2. facial expressions;
3. pitch;
4. pronunciation;
5. pace (pauses, slowdowns, accelerations);
6. … and many other elements!

Can we actually learn a foreign language without studying?

Of course! Many studies carried out by linguistics, communication and language learning experts show that all these elements, despite often being neglected when learning a foreign language, are essential in order to communicate fluently.

Italians are a great example of this: have you ever seen Italians communicating without hand gestures and facial expressions? I don’t think so. On the contrary, sometimes they don’t even use verbal language, but instead, they only communicate through hand gestures and facial expressions!

This is why we decided to create an innovative Italian course based on the IMITATION TECHNIQUE, the method that allowed many foreign language students all over the world to learn new languages automatically, just by COPYING native speakers!

Enough chitchat, let’s explain how this works for those who don’t know yet.

The Imitation Technique is divided into 3 steps: 

1. LISTEN AND READ: in this first step you’ll just have to listen and read the story we are going to tell you.

2. LISTEN AND IMITATE: in this second step you’ll have to repeat exactly what we do and say while we tell you the story (don’t worry, we’ll pause the video so it’s easier for you to imitate us).

3. BECOME THE OTHER ONE: in this last step you’ll have to become us, so you’ll have to do and say exactly what we are doing and saying (beware: during this step, there will be no pause nor text on the screen).

That’s all! The Imitation Technique is as easy as it is effective! Use it to learn Italian in an automatic way!

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