Stop saying: TI AMO – Learn all the ALTERNATIVES to express LOVE in Italian

In this lesson, we will talk about a topic that’s very close to the hearts of Italians as well as that of anyone else: love. The force that pushes the world, the source of our desires, the most beautiful out of all the emotions. Brace yourself, because in this video we will teach you how to be fresh and original when it comes down to expressing your feelings. You won’t find yourselves looking for the right words to crown the perfect moment, because you will already have them ready to use.

Talking about love in Italian

“Ti amo”, or maybe not

You already know this, but saying “ti amo” is way too easy.

Everyone says it so often that it has lost most of its value and importance.

So, if you want to be sure that you’ll be taken seroisly, watch this video and learn the best ways to say “ti amo” without saying it.

Let’s get started!

Love from heart to heart!

  1. Sometimes you don’t need to say “ti amo” to express your love, you just have to remind the other person that you are always thinking about him or her, even when you are not together.

To do that, you can say:

Mi manchi → I miss you

Or, to put some extra feelings into it:

Mi manchi da morire → i miss you so much

If the other person answers “anche tu”, that’s great news. It most likely means that your feeling is mutual. Don’t foget to tell your parten how much you miss them! Being earnest is very important in a relationship, so don’t be afraid to express your feelings.

Special words for a special person

  1. If you want to be especially romantic you can say:

Sei la cosa più bella che mi sia mai capitata. → You’re the best the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Fair warning: if you want to use this expression you must be very careful. use it only with a person you really care about, someone you love deeply and with whom you share an intense feeling. otherwise you may sound a bit too sappy and your partner won’t take you seriously. If you love your other half deeply and earnestly then this expression is perfect for you, because with these words you will be able to express all of your love, and your loved one will be reminded of how much you are grateful for their presence in your life.

You can’t love all alone

  1. Moreover, if you want to express your emotion and want to show the other person just how much they matter to you, you can say:

Non so stare senza te. → I can’t live without you.

Be careful, because with this sentence you risk giving off a very strong impression, that you absolutely need that person to be at peace. As you probably know, it’s not very healthy to completely depend on another person to be happy. You should only use this sentence if you are sure that you other half won’t misunderstand. In this case the “healty” messagge that should pass is that that person makes your life better, because his or her presence next to you makes you happy.

Love and Eros

  1. If you are looking for a way to tell the other person that you are physically attracted you can say:

Ti voglio. → I want you.

This is the most direct way to awaken your partner’s interest, but you have to be careful: the expression “ti voglio” regards mainly the more phisical side of love, so you should use it only if you are already pretty intimate with that person, or if the phisical attraction is mutual. Overall saying “ti voglio” pretty much means “i want to sleep with you”, so, for your own good, use it carefully! And make sure that the situation is fit for the expression.

Struck by Cupid

  1. If you want to sound sweet when expressing your feeling, you can say:

Sei il mio cuore. → You are my heart.

This is a very peculiar expression, since it’s not very common and is only used when the relationship that ties you to your partner is very deep, or you know that the feeling is completely mutual. Use this sentence to express your love as sweetly and delicately as possible. If your other half feels the same, he or she is sure to feel happy after this.

There’s Love and love

  1. If you want to express your feelings towards someone you don’t have any particular relationship with, the best way would be saying:

Ti voglio bene. → I care for you.

This is a classic among the classics, but it’s also the most straightforward way to show affection. You can use it with your friends, your parents or your siblings. Saying “ti voglio bene” doesn’t require the other person to stay next to you, rather it means that you want to see them happy no matter the time or the situation, be it close or far away from you. It’s one of the most beautiful thing you can say, it conveys an unadulterated feeling of love, with no jelousy or forced bonds.

As you have seen there are many ways to say “ti amo” in Italian. My advice would be to leave the expression “ti amo” only for some special moments and to say it sparingly. This way it will keep all of its real value and won’t sound boring. Let me know in the comments if you know other ways to say “ti amo” and if you’ve ever used them.

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