Italian Verbs and Expressions related to LOVE (Saint Valentine Edition)

The mushiest time of the year has come! The day that many people love, but that many others hate: Saint Valentine’s Day! For our part, we decided to avoid talking about hearts, flowers and teddy bears, in order to analyze – instead – some verbs and expressions strictly related to the world of love, but that can be used the whole year!

Talking about LOVE RELATIONSHIPS in Italian (verbs and expressions)

The first expressions you must know are:



PRENDERSI UNA COTTA PER QUALCUNO (to have a crush on someone)

These expressions refer to the early stages of a potential relationship, when you get struck by someone and the interest begins to grow.

Generally, a crush is due to the appearance or attitude of someone; it’s seen as something temporary, often related to adolescence. Sometimes, it remains something platonic, spiritual.

When you get struck by someone during your first meeting, you can also use the expression AVERE UN COLPO DI FULMINE (love at first sight), as we explained in the video about the expressions related to the weather!

2) PROVARCI / FLIRTARE CON QUALCUNO (to make your move / to flirt with someone)

These expressions, instead, represent the first real step in order to know someone.

PROVARCI with someone means to try an approach with a person. If the other person accepts the advances, and therefore there’s a reciprocal interest, you start flirting (FLIRTARE).

3)  PRENDERE UN PALO (or UN DUE DI PICCHE) means that you made your move with someone but you failed, you received a refusal.

Instead, if you succeed, you can say AVER RIMORCHIATO QUALCUNO (to pick someone up), but avoid telling this to the person you charmed, they could be offended.

4) USCIRE / SENTIRSI CON QUALCUNO – but also VEDERE / FREQUENTARE QUALCUNO – (to date someone) indicate that you started going out and seeing the person you like.

5) FARE UN BIDONE (to flake out) means to miss an appointment, not showing up, for any reason.

6) The expression INNAMORARSI DI QUALCUNO (to fall in love with someone) is pretty known: it refers to a strong feeling and affection towards someone.

7) ESSERE FIDANZATI CON QUALCUNO (to be in a relationship with someone / to be engaged) means to have a stable relationship with someone. In the past, this term was used with discretion, only when things were serious and formal (that is, when there was a ring and the prospect of a marriage); today, instead, it can be used to refer to any stable relationship that is not fleeting.

8) When a relationship reaches the point at which it cannot continue, when the feelings end, when someone cheats on the other or any other thing, then one of the two generally ends the relationship. This is called ROMPERE CON QUALCUNO (to break up with someone).

9) Obviously, even after an argument, it is always possible to get back in good, that is FARE PACE (to make up with someone).

Write in the comments how you are going to spend your Saint Valentine’s Day or try to write a sentence using one of these expressions!

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Let’s see if you’ve mastered the contents of this class. Have a go at completing the exercises!

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