What does MAGARI mean? Learn How to Use Magari in Italian!

Have you ever wondered what the word “magari” means? Oh yeah, this word can be troublesome because of its many meanings, but don’t worry about it! After watching this lesson, all your doubts will be solved!

MAGARI meaning in Italian

Have you ever heard of the word “MAGARI“? This word can cause some trouble because of its many several meanings… but have no fear… now we are going to learn them all!

1. Magari can be used alone as an answer to express a DESIDERIO (desire, wish):


– Vuoi venire al mare con me? (Would you like to come to the sea with me?)
– Magari! (=I wish to do it!) (Of course!)

2. But it can be also used alone to express DISPIACERE (regret) for something that didn’t happen or it wasn’t done even though we had wanted it.

Be careful: there is a difference in the intonation of the voice compared to the first case.


– Ma poi hai avuto quella promozione a lavoro? (But then, did you get that promotion at work?)
– Magari(= Sadly no, even though I would have liked that) (If only had!

– Gli hai chiesto cosa ne pensasse? (Did you ask him what he thought about it?)
– Magari! Non ne ho avuto il coraggio! (= I would have liked that but I didn’t do it) (I wish I did! I didn’t have the courage!

3. To Express a DESIDERIO we can also use  MAGARI CONGIUNTIVO:


– Magari avessi avuto una seconda opportunità! (trapassato subjunctive to express impossibility) (I wish I had had a second chance

– Magari facesse freddo(imperfect subjunctive to express a possibility) (I wish it was cold!)

4. Magari can take the meaning of FORSEPROBABILMENTE (maybe, probably)


 È in ritardo di 20 minuti… Magari ha sbagliato strada. (He is 20 minute late… Maybe he took the wrong way)

5. Magari can take the meaning of PIUTTOSTO 


– Magari resterò sveglia tutta la notte, ma non chiederò aiuto a nessuno per finire questo lavoro! (I’d rather stay up all night, but I won’t ask anybody’s help to finish this work!)

6. Magari can also take the meaning of EVENTUALMENTE (possibly), to introduce an action whose achievement depends by a specific situation or circumstance.


– Magari prima di partire mandami un sms. (Possibly send me a sms before you leave)

Now that you know MAGARI, also learn PROPRIO or MICA!

Let’s see if you’ve mastered the contents of this class. Have a go at completing the exercises!

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