How to SPEAK ITALIAN with Native Speakers FROM HOME: learn the Italian language with true Italians

You want to practise your Italian but can’t find anyone to do it with? Don’t worry, we definitely have the perfect solution for you: Speakly! With Speakly you will have the opportunity to speak with real Italian native speakers in a quick and comfortable way, no matter where you are!

Speakly: the fastest way to learn a language

In this video I decided to help you solve one of the main problems for anyone learning a foreing language: finding someone with whom you can talk and practise! Unfortunately, finding someone with whom you can speak a foreign language, when not living in the country where that language is spoken, is extremely difficult. I also struggle to find someone I can talkt to in the languages I study: English, French or German.

However, a few days ago I received an email from someone called Ott, asking me if I wanted to tell my followers about his language learning app, Speakly. To be honest, I often receive this kind of emails, almost every day… but I’m very selective when it comes to promoting apps or products… I don’t like to talk about things I don’t believe in or that do not convince me, even though I am well aware that it would help me make some extra money.

However, prejudices are never good. So, I decided to try Speakly to see if it could actually be a useful app for learning languages. I went to the App Store and checked the reviews: 4.3 out of 5. Not bad at all! I decided to download the app and start trying it out….

What are Speakly’s features?

As soon as I open the app, I realise that Spekaly, unlike other language learning apps, is very fast and fluid. After selecting the language I want to learn, Speakly asks me if I already know my language level or if I want to take a test to find it out. This is an important part, because the app is able to create a personalized study program based on your level and your progress!

I finally took the test to see what it was like! The questions range from grammar to listening comprehension exercises… not bad, pretty exhaustive! After entering random answers, Speakly assigns me the beginner level!

I continue to explore the app… The interface is very modern and clear and I am immediately impressed by a feature which is called LIVE situations. I take a look at it… I thought it was the same old game with flashcards… but instead I find myself thrown into a real situation with an Italian native speaker! I had never seen anything like that before! I was really surprised! Speakly and its LIVE situations will take you to Italy through hundreds of dialogues with REAL native speakers, where YOU have to speak!

The number of LIVE situations is practically endless: there are hundreds of them and they are all different. Each one has its own vocabulary, structures and expressions for you to memorize, while interacting with your virtual interlocutor! LIVE situations are a perfectly good reason to download the app immediatly, but that’s not all! They are only a part of what Speakly has to offer. In fact, among many other things, there is also the possibility to improve your own grammar through dozens and dozens of clear, short and direct lessons.

Another really interesting feature of Speakly is that, as you progress with your exercises, the app will suggest you some songs that you should listen to, depending on your level! The developers of Speakly are very creative, don’t you think?

Anyway, I continue to explore the app and I discover plenty of other features, such as listening exercises, which, in case you don’t understand, you can do at normal or slow speed. You can also turn on the text transcription or the translation! Speakly will also help you to learn lots of essential expressions and words to communicate, with the help of interactive exercises and a notification system that reminds you to study a little everyday… just in case you get lazy and forget! And, as if all of the above wasn’t enough, Speakly keeps track of your progress so that you can always stay informed and be aware of the progress you’re making! And, if there is anything that is not clear for you, Speakly offers a chat support service that is available every day!

What else to say? Speakly is awsome and I’m happy to tell you about it! I think it is by far the best language learning app and anyone who is really serious about learning a new language should definitely download it!

Besides, I also convinced Ott, the CEO of Speakly, to offer a discount to all our LearnAmici! It wasn’t easy, but he finally agreed!

To get 40% off Speakly Premium, follow these 3 steps:

1) Create a new account for Speakly:

2) Select the language you would like to study

3) Enter the coupon that corresponds to the chosen language

Enter LEARNAMO1 to get 40% discount on the English course

Enter LEARNAMO2 to get 40% discount on the Spanish course

Enter LEARNAMO3 to get 40% discount on the French course

Enter LEARNAMO4 to get 40% discount on the German course

Enter LEARNAMO5 to get 40% discount on the Italian course

Enter LEARNAMO6 to get 40% discount on the Russian course

Enter LEARNAMO7 to get 40% discount on the Estonian course

Enter LEARNAMO8 to get 40% discount on the Finnish course

That’s it! Let me know in the comments what you think of Speakly and if you have ever used any similar apps!

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