How to prepare COFFEE CHEESECAKE (without cooking): the complete recipe!

Coffee is a well-known drink consumed all over the world, but who holds the primacy of the consumer among all the countries of the globe? You will find it in this article, along with a recipe for a delicious coffee cheesecake.

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Who is the major coffee consumer?

Voltaire said “I drink 40 coffee a day, to keep myself awake and to think, to think how to fight tyrants and imbecils”. 40 coffe a day might be too much, but this do not take away that in every part of the world huge quantities of coffee are consumed: we’re talking about 2,6 billions of cups drank every day around the world.

Wich country, in your opinion, drinks it more? Who are the champions of coffee-drinking? The following Countries are competing for the primacy?:

  1. Italy
  2. Finland
  3. USA
  4. Canada

Before continuing to read, try guess it and write it in the comments below!

Italians consume an average of 5.9 kg of coffee per year, but they don’t even get the podium. It is the Swiss, Austrians and Danes, but above all the Finns who lead the ranking. In fact, the record is all Nordic where, between conifers and long winters are consumed as many as 12 kg each, on average, in a year. On the second step of the podium are the Norwegians with 9.9 kg and on the third the Icelanders with 9 kg.

The first non-european country is Canada, where the consume of coffee reaches 6,5 kg in a year, while in the Usa they consume an average of 4,2 kg.

In short, wether we like it or not, coffee is a part of our lives, in the form of a drink and also food. For example, there are many foods that are coffee-flavoured: ice creams, cookies, cakes, and so on.

Coffee cheesecake 

As in other articles, we offer you a recipe, in this case a coffee based dessert. The recipe is simple, quite short and it also has few ingredients. We’re talking about COFFEE CHEESECAKE! Perfect both in summer and winter o and as much for breakfast or as a dessert after lunch or dinner. In short, a master key!

In this case we used the Cecotec’s coffee maker ,similar to the ones at coffee shops!

The secret lies in coffee beans, this coffee maker use them instead of clasic pods or capsules! And this obviously makes the flavor more authentic, more intense, more decisive.The machine is ultra modern, has a convenient LED display from which you can change the settings such as language, coffee temperature, intensity (grams of ground beans) and much more. And of course, always from the display, you can also decide which drink you want: the simple espresso, a latte, a cappuccino or even a simple glass of water! Of course you can use the classic moka to make the coffe for the recipe.


To prepare our delicious receipe, we will need:

  • 120gr of cocoa-based cookies
  • 60gr of butter
  • 150gr of greek yogurt
  • 200gr of spreadable cheese
  • 1 cup of coffee (or a little more)
  • 1 liquor’s glass of sugar (about 50/60gr)


Like all cheesecakes, this is also very easy and quick to prepare.

First of all, prepare the coffee, then put the butter in a pan and melt it over low heat.

In the meantime, take the necessary amount of cookies and put them in a blender or, if you don’t have it handy, you can simply put them in a little bag, close it, let the air out and then crush them with any heavy object, such as a glass. (This practice is perfect if you are angry, it is really stress-releaving! We recommend it!)

Once the butter has melted and the biscuits have completely crumbled, pour the biscuits into the butter and stir well, until all the butter will be absorbed.

After that, pour the mixture into the pan where you will prepare your cheesecake, taking care to level and crush well (with the help of a spoon or a spatula) the layer of the cookies, so that it is homogeneous and compact. Then leave it in the fridge for about thirty minutes or in the freezer for about ten minutes.

While you’re waiting for it to cool down, prepare the cream!

In a bowl, pour the Greek yogurt, then the spreadable cheese and stir vigorously until they’ll be blended together. Add the sugar from time to time. When the mixture will become creamy, you can also add the coffee cup and, if you notice that the mixture is not soft enough, you can add a little more coffee. Keep stirring so that the coffee will be absorbed by the mixture.

After this, leave the mixture in the fridge for an hour or in the freezer for about 20 minutes.

After it’s rested, take it out, as well as the cookie sheet. Now it’s time to pour the cheese mixture into the pan, on the biscuits. Level it and make it homogeneous. Good job! Guess what? Yes, you have to put everything in the fridge for at least 3 hours, again! Yes, you have to wake up  early to make a good cheesecake by lunchtime!

After this time too, you can decorate it as you like. You can put over it simple pieces of dark chocolate, but you can also put over it coffee beans, a sprinkling of bitter cocoa or a coffee frosting.

The cheesecake is ready to be enjoyed! Buon appetito!

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Let’s see if you’ve mastered the contents of this class. Have a go at completing the exercises!


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