LUNCH at SOPHIA LOREN Restaurant in Florence

In this video we’ll take you with us, once again, to discover Florence. We tried a special restaurant, the one inspired by Sophia Loren! Where exactly is it? How was this restaurant born? Is food good? You’ll find out soon!

A restaurant with a Michelin starred chef

“Tutto quel che vedete lo devo agli spaghetti.” (Everything you see, I owe it to spaghetti).

l cibo è simbolo della sicurezza, assieme al tetto che ci ripara.” (Food is a symbol of safety, along with the roof offering shelter).

Una donna che sa fare la pasta a regola d’arte ha un prestigio che resiste anche oggi a qualsiasi altro richiamo dei tempi.” (A woman who knows how to make pasta to perfection, has a reputation that still stands up to any other call of the past).

These are just some quotes of a great Italian actress, Sophia Loren. These show her love for food. In fact, she has never tried to hide this great passion, actually! He always said her (beautiful) appearance is just due to her good diet, especially pasta and spaghetti. By the way, she claimed that making perfect spaghetti is a work of art! Can you blame her?

It is, therefore, no coincidence that here in Florence there’s a restaurant with her name. And we couldn’t not try it. And we couldn’t not take you with us. Let’s go! As you can see, it’s very close to the The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore! In the very centre! It’s a brand new restaurant, opened in April 2021 in via de’ Brunelleschi, in the centre of Florence.

The decor and the overall appearance are quite modern, elegant and designer. The place is big and provides seating both inside and outside, under the arcades (so you’ll be protected from the rain).


The project stems from the collaboration with an entrepreneurial and the actress herself, who has given her consent for the realization of a brand that bears her name. These are her words: “When I was offered to take part in this project I had no doubts because this restaurant embodies some of the things that I love the most: the Italian cuisine, the moments of conviviality related to it, and some of my characters are someway related to cuisine“.

In fact, in Italy (and throughout the world) she is symbol of the warmth, veracity and the Italian cuisine and, in particular, Neapolitan. In fact, as she herself stated, many of the characters she brought to the big screen have had to do with cuisine.

The menu this place offers is exquisitely Italian, with a higher concentration of Neapolitan products. Sophia Loren, in fact, although born in Rome, spent her childhood and adolescence near Naples: because of this, in her early films she would act in Neapolitan. The list of movies she was in is very long, the most famous (as well as unmissable for Italian culture enthusiasts) are: L’oro di Napoli (The Gold of Naples), La ciociara (Two Women, for which she won the Best Actress Oscar), Pane Amore e… (Scandal in Sorrento), Ieri Oggi Domani (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow), Matrimonio all’italiana (Marriage Italian Style), Prêt-à-Porter and the last one in 2020, La vita davanti a sé (The Life Ahead). Have you seen any? Even off the list? Let us know in the comments!

The paiting on the tables, as well as those hanging on the interior walls, are artworks of an Italian artist and painter: Ernesto Tatafiore. But back to food… choosing a meal from a so varied menu is veeery difficult!

The specialties and our choice

Sophia Loren Restaurant serves high quality products. The pizza dough is made by Francesco Martucci, winner of several prizes, including that of 50 Top Pizza, that declared his pizza as the world number one in 2020.

We had…

Frittatina di pasta, scarola maritata and beer battered zucchini flowers. As first courses, we had mezzi paccheri alla Nerano and tripoline alla puttanesca of codfish. We rated every dish!

The first courses of this restaurant, on the other hand, were conceived by Chef Gennaro Esposito, who has no less than two Michelin stars. The particularity of his dishes is that they’re traditional, but in an original way. Of course, in such a restaurant, nothing is left to chance, not even desserts!

It’s a careful selection made by the pastry chef Carmine di Donna, Best Pastry Chef 2020, whose success is mainly due to his capacity to combine the art of traditional pastry, learned from his father, with modern pastry, giving rise to unique desserts in taste and in appearance. We didn’t know which dessert to choose… so we took them all! What we had was a warm box (it was actually heated!!), inside which there were samples, mini versions of the most famous dessert among those given above. Most of them were from Neapolitan tradition, of course!

Let us know in the comments if you already tried this restaurant or you’re going to try it! Let us know if you know Sophia Loren and what your favorite movie is!

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