Spot the MISTAKES in the DIALOGUE! – ITALIAN Exercise

By popular demand, in our new series “Learn Italian in a few minutes”, a challenge is back! Can you find all the errors in the dialogue?

Can you find all the ERRORS in the DIALOGUE?

Here you have the dialogue in the video:

– Non ho fame!

– Anche io! Al massimo mangerei qualche patatine. Ci sono?

– Credo che sì! Dai un’occhiata nel frigo!

Well, did you find all the errors?

Let’s see them together:

– Non ho fame! [I’m not hungry.]

Neanch’io! Al massimo mangerei qualche patatina. Ci sono? [Me neither! At most I would eat some chips. Do we have any?]

– Credo di sì! Dai un’occhiata nel frigo! [I think so! Take a look in the fridge!]

And now, let’s go over them point by point:

Neanch‘io [Me neither]

To resume or reinforce a negation already expressed, we use “neanche”, or its synonyms “nemmeno” and “neppure”. If we wanted to use “anch’io” to reply to a negation that we share, we should add “non” and repeat the verb:

Es: Anche io non ho fame. [I’m not hungry either.]

Qualche patatina [Some chips]

“Qualche” is always followed by the singular, although it refers to more than one thing. This is one of the most common errors, as we explained in our video about the most common mistakes among foreigners!

Credo di[I think so / I believe so]

Finally, and above all we turn to the Spanish people, remember that in Italian we always say “credi di sì” and “credo di no”, or “penso di sì”, “penso di no” and so on! We would never use the conjunction “che” in these cases!

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