Spot the MISTAKES in the SENTENCE! – Italian Exercise!

Today we have a challenge for you! Can you find all the mistakes in Graziana’s sentence? Watch the video, write down your answer and then read the solution!

Find all the MISTAKES in the SENTENCE

This exercise is for intermediate and advanced italian students, so if you are able to spot all the mistakes you can consider yourself a good student… if you don’t find them all… well, keep studying! ahahah (that’s not funny, is it?)

Here is the sentence:

“Due giorni fa bisognavo parlare con Laura, per questo l’ho telefonata nel pomeriggio”.

Have you found all the mistakes? Are you sure? Alright, now you can read the correct sentence that you can find below (scroll down):

“Due giorni fa avevo bisogno di parlare con Laura, per questo le ho telefonato nel pomeriggio”.

In italian, the verb BISOGNARE is impersonal and it is used with the congiuntivo (bisogna che tu vada dal medico). If you want to conjugate it, you must use AVERE BISOGNO DI. 

TELEFONARE, instead, is not an intransitive verb, so it needs a direct object: TELEFONARE A QUALCUNO. 

Since Laura is a women, we will use the indirect object LE (a lei). 

That’s not clear enough? Watch our video-lessons on the verb bisognare and the pronouns!

Ah, let me know in the comments if you were able to spot all the mistakes and if you like this kind of videos!

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  1. Ho tovaro uno dei errori (con bisognare) ma non ho notato l’errore con telefonare lol…. grazie!!

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