What to see in TRANI, Puglia (Italy) – VLOG to discover the Pearl of South

In this video we are going to talk about one of the most beautiful, lively and interesting cities in Puglia: Trani. Probably, this name won’t tell you anything, but I’m sure as soon as you discover the beauty the city has to offer you, you won’t forget it easily. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

TRANI and its beauty

According to legend, Trani was founded by Tirreno, the mythical son of the Homeric her Diomede. In fact, before the IV century, the city was called with the name Tirenum o Turenum. However, this hypothesis is considered unreliable by scholars, who have developed two more convinving theories about it:

  1. The term “Trani” may have been given to the city in honor of Emperor of Traiano.
  2. The term “Trani” derives from trana/traina, which indicates an inlat suitable for fishing (more likely hypotheis);

In addition to its breathtaking  views, the city of Trani is also famous for a particular type of marble (la pietra di Trani), but also for its rich production of extra virgin oliv oil and Moscato wine of Trani.

Furthermore, the city has given birth to several famous actors, both in Italy and abroad, such as:

  • Bianca Nappi, who you can see in the TV-series Le Indagini di Lolita Lobosco (miniseries shot in Bari);
  • Riccardo Scamarcio, who has starred in successful Italian films, but also in international productions.

The monuments and places of interest in Trani

The city of Trani is considered a city of art, because it boasts a wide artistic and architectural heritage: churches, monasteries, gardens and historic buildings, as well as the famous Cathedral on the sea an the Swabian Castle. 

The Cathedral of San Nicola Pellegrino

The Cathedral of San Nicola Pellegrino is, without any doubt, the most famous and prestigious building of the Apulian city. It is located near the harbour, next to the sea and stands out particularly for its grandeur. The Cathedral is one of the examples of the examples of the Romansque-Apulian style, built with the famous stone of Trani (of which we have just spoken)starting from 1099, with the aim of collecting the relics of San Nicola Pellegrino (today Patron Saint of the city).

Interesting to visit is also the Crypt of Saint Nicola, with its 28 elegant columns.

The Swabian Castle 

The Swabian Castle of Trani dates back to the XIII century (built in 1233), during the domination of the Swabians. In fact, it was built by Frederick II, as a home for his son Manfredi, who in 1259 married Elena Ducas, his second wife.

The Municipal Villa of Trani

The Municipal Villa is the largest garden in the city, extends on a terrace overlooking the sea and is surrounded by greenery. The Villa is positioned in such a way that, from the south side, you can admire the panoramic view of the promenade that reaches the Monastery of Santa Maria di Colonna; while, from the north side, you reach the Fort.

The inauguration of the Villa dates back to 1824, but over tume it eas enlarged thanks to land reclamation operations to the south.

The Villa Comunale is dominated by fauna and flora: palm trees, holm oaks, pines, flowerbeds with flowers, pools that host 500 fishes of different species from lakes and rivers around the world and cute parrots. This is the ideal place for families with children and those seeking some ret when the hot summer gives no

The Trani’s cuisine

Do you eat well in the city of Trani? Of course, it is an Italian city and in Italy it is impossible to eat badly!

The Tranese cuisine is decidedly simple and genuine, based on local products and ancient Apulian recipes, which strictly respect the Mediterranean cuisine. Let’s see now what are the typical dishes of Trani:

  • Apulian orecchiette with turnip tops
  • Apulian 0recchiette with mussels and clams
  • Rice, baked potatoes and mussels
  • Apulian orata
  • Arraganate anchovies
  • Bundle of anchovies on a vegetable caponatina
  • Apulian baked ziti

All these dishes are to be accompanied with the famous Moscato wine of the city.

If, instead, you want to keep a little lighter, an aperitif on the seafront strictly based on seafood dishes is what you need!

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