How Can I Watch Italian TV Series and Films? That’s easy: NordVPN!

You’d like to improve your Italian watching TV series and films in Italian, but in your country you can’t access Italian channels (RAI, Mediaset, ecc.), right? Don’t worry, we find a solution: NordVPN!

The Best VPN to watch Italian Films and Series

Watching Italian Films and TV series in Italian is, without any doubt, the best way to improve your Italian and get to know something more about the Italian culture… that’s for sure!

Unfortunately, many Italian TV channels (RAI, Mediaset, etc.) and some video streaming platforms (Netflix, Sky, etc.) put in place some geo-restrictions that prevent people from accessing Italian contents when they are outside the Italian territory.

Actually, this is also true for many famous Italian newspapers such as, for example, La Repubblica, Il Corriere della Sera, Il Sole 24 Ore, etc.

You guys can’t imagine how many messages I receive every day by desperate people saying:

“Graziana, please, help me! I’d really like to improve my Italian by watching Italian films and TV series, but in my country I can’t access Italian TV channels. What can I do?”

I couldn’t keep reading those messages: it my duty to solve this problem, so I began doing some research… I spent hours, days, months, years (well, maybe not years), but, in the end, I found a solution!


NordVPN is the best VPN in the world hands down: it allows you to surf the Internet, in a safe and protect way, as if you were in Italy.

For those of you who don’t know it, a VPN is basically a small software that filters your connection allowing you to visit websites, watch TV shows, read newspapers, etc., hiding your true geographic position and using another of your choice.

How does NordVPN work?

Using NordVPN is extremely easy, it only takes 3 simple steps:

1) Create an ACCOUNT

account NordVPN



login NordVPN


3) Choose a COUNTRY

scelta paese NordVPN

That’s it? Yeah, that’s it!

Watching, reading and listening to ANY show, film, series and newspaper as if you were in Italy is a piece of pizza with NordVPN (have you got the joke? XD)

What devices and OS are compatible with NordVPN?

NordVPN is compatibile with basically all exiting devices and operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android e iOS.

Also, as all this were not enough, it’s also possibile to connect at the same time 6 devices, that means that you can use NordVPN on your PC, tablet and smartphone simultaneously.

How much does NordVPN cost?

Thanks to my amazing negotiating skills, I managed to get a fantastic DISCOUNT for you!

If you subscribe to a NordVPN by clicking the yellow button and using the coupon code LearnAmo, you’ll receive a ridiculously cheap price of only €3.17 as well as 3 free months!

Furthermore, NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, this means that if you, for some reason, are no longer interested in their service, you can cancel your subscription and get a full refund within 30 days from your subscription. Isn’t that great?  

Personal opinions on NordVPN

I admit that I’ve used NordVPN for some time now and I can confirm what many tech experts have already said: NordVPN is the most reliable, fastest and safest VPN in the world.

I’ve never had any problem with them, that’s why I decided to suggest their service as a solution to get rid of the annoying and irritating geo-restrictions implemented by websites and apps.

Also, before writing this blog post, I wanted to make sure that, just in case some of you had some problems, their customer support was efficient and effective, therefore I pretended that I didn’t know how to use their VPN (actually, it’s super easy, so I don’t believe you’ll ever have any difficulty) and contacted them: the experience was amazing! They answered in less than 15 minutes in an extremely polite way and guided my through the all process providing all the help I was pretending I needed! What can I say? They passed the exam with flying colors!  

Once you subscribe to NordVPN, the only thing you’ll have to do is to have a look at my videos on the best Italian films and TV series to choose which one you want to watch first! 🙂

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  1. The problem is that to be able to use the coupon code you have to sign for a 3 years commitment (as I understood it). Which is a long time. So I’mo note sure about this.

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