WHERE is ITALIAN spoken? – Discover ALL the Countries!

In today’s video we want to answer to a curiosity that many foreigners and Italians have: where is Italian spoken?

 Where in the WORLD is Italian the OFFICIAL LANGUAGE?

The question may seem obvious, but it is not! But first things first…

Clearly, Italian is the official language in Italy… but not only there!

In fact, Italian is also an official language in San Marino, a mountainous micro-state within the Italian territory. Then we have the Vatican City and Switzerland: in the latter country, it is the official language along with German, French and Romansh.

Moreover, few people know that Italian is spoken and it’s also an official language in Slovenia as well as in Croatia!

Finally, let’s not forget that Italian is one of the official languages ​​of the European Union, therefore, if for any reason it is necessary, it is possible to contact the European institutions by writing in Italian. In addition, all European Union documents are also published in Italian!

One more reason to learn it, right?

However, there are also some countries where Italian, for historical and political reasons, has been the official language, but has lost this status. As a result, although it is no longer an official language, it continues to be used to some extent by the population!

In particular, in the Balkan regions and to the east of Italy, Italian was the official language in Rijeka (also known as Fiume in Italian), Zadar and the Dodecanese, Greece, until 1947, in the Ionian Islands, always in Greece, until 1864, and in Dalmatia until to 1920. It was also in Monaco until 1919.

As for the African continent, Italian was the official language in Somalia until 1963, in Libya until 1945 and in Ethiopia and Eritrea until 1943.

Finally it was also an official language in Malta until 1934, and in the now French territories of Corsica (1859) and the city of Nice (1870).

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  1. Did you know that there are supposed to be between 1 million and 1.5 million Italian speakers in Argentina?

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