Why Learn Italian? 6 Reasons why YOU Should STUDY ITALIAN now!

Nowadays everyone on Earth wants to learn, or is already studying English, since it’s the most spoken language. However, in this article, we are going to give you 6 reasons why you should learn, instead, the wonderful Italian language!

6 reasons to learn Italian

There you have six good reasons to finally start studying the language spoken by Dante and by the people of the Bel Paese!

1) Employment opportunities

Italy, despite all the economic difficulties has been through in recent years, still remains one of the greatest global economic power, and a member of the G7. Knowing Italian language properly offers advantages in finding a job, not only in Italy but also in many other Countries, since there’s a high demand of translators, interpreters and mediators who know the language and the culture of the Bel Paese, because of its internationals economic and political relations.

2) Travelling in the Bel Paese

In Italy there are a lot of things to see like: the “Colosseum”, the “Trevi Fountain”, ” Basilica of Saint Mark” and “Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower” and delights to be enjoyed like the legendary pizza or its wines. However if you want to truly immerse yourselves in its culture you need to interact with the local people: only then you’ll be able to grasp all the wonderful nuances that this Country can offer!

3) Reading Italian masterworks of literature 

Many Italian famous works are translated in almost every language: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese ecc. However, even a well done translation will never be able to convey the intentions, the feelings and the message that authors had in mind for their work! Therefore learning Italian language is fundamental if you want to enjoy the best of the reading of the reading of the Divine Comedy by Dante or the Betrothed by Manzoni.

4) Training your mind

Several scientific studies like the one that was released in the Journal of Psychology and Aging by the University of York, showed that speaking at least a foreign language properly, increases the learning abilities and the speed of comprehension, it helps the nervous system, it refines the hearing and the attention and it can slow down, or even prevent, illnesses like Alzheimer and senile dementia!

5) Seducing and finding love

Italian is the perfect language to seduce someone since it’s melodious and harmonious and it will help you to win the hearts, not only of Italian men and women, but also of anyone who can appreciate its beautiful sounds and rhythm! Speaking Italian language is a guarantee of superior charm that only few people will be able to resist (same thing can be said if you wear our wonderful products: LearnAmo Collection).

6) Entertainment and satisfaction

Studying Italian is not a boring and redundant process, on the contrary, the learning process can be very funny and satisfying! In fact as you progress you’ll feel more and more motivated to study and show the acquired knowledge!

Alright, these are our reasons to learn Italian language. Now, if you want to learn it and speak it like a native speaker, you can take a look at our video on the Imitation Technique, a very useful technique that will be very useful to you, or our entertaining course Italiano in Contesto. Don’t miss them!

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