Trip to Milan? Here you have what you MUST VISIT

You know, life is not only work and study. This is why we took a little vacation and took a trip to one of the most famous cities in Italy: Milan! Discover with us what to absolutely see in this beautiful city…

9 Things you do not want to MISS in MILAN

1. The Milano Centrale station

Our journey starts here! It is worth pausing for a moment to look at the Milano Centrale station, one of the largest and busiest in Italy. It was built in 1931, in the Fascist era: in fact, it is really big and majestic, according to the style of that period, but at the same time it mixes Art Déco and Liberty Style.

Immediately outside the station you will find the monument “La Mela Reintegrata” (or “The Apple Mae Whole Again”) by Pistoletto, a symbol of union between nature and technology: it is a gigantic apple that has been “bitten” and then sewn up, indicating that technology, after hurting nature, can become eco-sustainable and save it.
(Not to be confused with the Apple Store in Milan! One of the most beautiful in the world, and there is an apple involved as well, but that is a little different…)

2. The Duomo and the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery

A mandatory stop in Milan is the Duomo, the largest church in Italy! It is located in the homonymous square, and it was built between the 15th and the 16th centuries in Gothic style. Take a walk on its wonderful terraces to see up close all the spiers, pinnacles, bas-reliefs and majestic flying buttresses.
Also in Piazza del Duomo, you can visit the beautiful Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, a tunnel built in the 19th century in a neo-Renaissance style. You can shop in its luxurious shops, admire its elegant architecture, or perform the superstitious ritual of the bull!
In fact, on the floor you will find a mosaic with a bull with a hole in its… private parts. According to tradition, making three turns on this hole with the heel of the right foot brings luck!

3. La Scala Theatre

The Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery connects Piazza del Duomo with Piazza della Scala. Here you will find the Alla Scala Theatre, also simply called “La Scala”, one of the most prestigious opera houses in the world.
It was built towards the end of the 18th century and saw on its stage some of the greatest opera artists and composers in history: from Rossini to Donizetti, from Verdi to Puccini. But it is worth a visit even just for its architecture, so splendid that the writer Stendhal called it “the most beautiful theater in the world“.

4. The Sforza’s Castle

The Sforza’s Castle is located just outside the historic center. It is a fortification of Medieval origin, which served both as a military defense of the city and as a residence for the reigning family. Initially, the Visconti family lived there, then it passed to the Sforza (and from them it took its name) when they came to power in the ‘400.

Now it has been turned into a museum, so in addition to admiring its walls and towers you can also visit several permanent and periodic exhibitions.

5. I Navigli

It is a district of Milan characterized by many evocative canals. Once it was considered a degraded suburban area, but now it is very touristic place, especially known for the nightlife. But you can also take a romantic walk, an outdoor aperitif, or maybe a boat trip on the water!

6. The Starbucks Reserve Roastery

We know that Italy is the house of coffee, and Italians are very proud of the quality of their “espresso”. So, when the well-known chain Starbucks announced the opening of a store in Italy,  it was controversial: there were those who were enthusiastic, and those who thought that Americans wanted to teach us how to make coffee!
But Starbucks in Milan is something unique: a gigantic, ultramodern place with a charming Tim Burton style, where you can find almost every type of coffee in the world. Here you can surely have a different experience!

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7. Il Bosco Verticale

Another very striking attraction in Milan is the vertical forest, in the Isola district: two very high residential buildings adorned with more than 2000 different types of plants. It is a project of urban reforestation, aiming at increasing the greenery in the city.
Not far from the vertical forest you can also find Piazza Gae Aulenti, a very modern square, beautiful for its play of reflections between the water of its fountain and the skyscrapers around. From here you can also have an excellent view of the Milan skyline.

8. The Monumental Cemetery

It is not a simple cemetery, but an actual open-air museum for the beauty of its funerary works. It was built at the end of the 1800s, and you can take a walk to admire its architecture and sculptures, or to visit the tombs of famous people, such as the writer Alessandro Manzoni, the artist Bruno Munari or the poet Salvatore Quasimodo. But there are also characters from the recent history, like the singer-songwriter Giorgio Gaber or the poet Alda Merini.

9. San Siro Stadium

We cannot forget the symbol of the most popular sport in Italy, namely soccer: the Giuseppe Meazza stadium, also known as the “San Siro stadium” for the neighborhood where it is located. It is the largest stadium in Italy and one of the best known internationally. Here are hosted the home matches of Milan and Inter, two of the strongest soccer teams in Italy.

In addition to sporting events, the stadium also hosts many national and international concerts: the first artist ever to perform there was no less then Bob Marley in 1980!

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