How to Make EGGPLANT PARMESAN (parmigiana di melanzane): recipe – Italian Cuisine

In the following article we’re going to deal with Italian cuisine once again! In fact, we are going to know the preparation and the history (including some interesting facts) of one of the most beloved dishes in Italy: the parmigiana di melanzane (aubergine parmigiana)!

History and Recipe of the Aubergine Parmigiana

Let’s begin with a couple of multiple-choice questions concerning the history and some facts on the “parmigiana”, so that you can know more of it. If you want to know the answers, just watch the video related to this article.

1) Where does the term “parmigiana” come from?

A) From the old word used to indicate frying

B) From the old word used to indicate a type of window

C) From the old word used to indicate cheese?

2) To which Italian city does the first historical evidence of the “parmigiana” date back?

A) Naples

B) Bari

C) Turin

Alright, now let’s see how to prepare it:

Ingredients required (for 6 people)

– 3 large aubergines

– 4/5 eggs (according to their size)

– Oil for frying (as needed)

– Salt (as needed)

– Flour (as needed)

Ingredients for the sauce

– 1 bottle of tomato sauce

– Oil (as needed)

– Salt (as needed)

– 3/4 basil leaves

– Onion (as needed)

– Water (as needed)

Ingredients to use for seasoning 

– Mozzarella (as needed)

– Mortadella (as needed)

– Grated Parmesan cheese (as needed)

How to prepare Parmigiana 

1) Remove the upper part of the aubergines and then peel them

2) Cut the aubergines into slices, about 5mm thick

3) Arrange the slices well-opened in a dish, until the whole surface is covered

4) Sprinkle the first layer with salt in order to allow the aubergine to get dehydrated

5) Keep slicing the aubergines and arrange the slices on the plate, creating various layers and sprinkling them with salt

6) Let the aubergine, in contact with the salt, get dehydrated for a few minutes

7) Pour the oil in a pot, then add the onion, the salt, the basil leaves and the sauce

8) Add some water, as needed

9) Cook the sauce on a low heat for about 30 minutes

10) Break the eggs in a plate and stir them vigorously with a fork

11) Add some cheese to the eggs and mix everything

12) Pour some flour in another plate in order to pass the slices of aubergine on it

13) Lay the floured aubergines in the plate with the eggs and cheese

14) Flip all the slices of aubergines with the help of a fork in order to cover them in eggs

15) Pour the oil for frying in a pan over medium heat and wait until it gets hot

16) Alternate flouring and frying (5-6 slices at once)

17) Leave the slices in the oil until their edges turn golden and then flip them

18) Once they have turned golden, take the slices out of the oil and place the next floured slices

19) Pour the sauce on the bottom of the baking tray

20) Make a layer with the fried slices of aubergine and season with some mortadella (into slices or into pieces)

21) Add some mozzarella into pieces, and then add a lot of cheese

22) Coat the first layer with more sauce

23) Repeat the process until you run out of slices of aubergine

24) Bake at 200° for about 30 minutes until a golden crust forms

Alright, now you just have to taste your parmigiana! Let us know in the comment section how it came out or share some photos by tagging us! If then you’re still hungry, don’t miss our video on how to prepare the original focaccia barese!

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