How to Prepare the Original Focaccia Barese: History and Recipe

In the following video we are not going to deal with Italian grammar or culture. In fact, through a little quiz, we are going to learn the history of one of the most delicious and famous food of the Puglia Region: the focaccia. After that, we are going to see a practical recipe to make this delicious delicacy!

History and Recipe of the “focaccia barese”

Let’s begin with a series of multiple-choice questions concerning the history and some facts on the “focaccia barese”, so that you can know more of it. If you want to know the answers, just watch the video related to this article.

1) To which people are attributed the origins of the focaccia?

A) The Aztecs

B) The Phoenicians

C) The Macedonians

2) In the Renaissance, on what occasion the focaccia was used to be tasted along with wine?

A) During religious celebrations

B) During the celebrations of war victories

C) During wedding feasts

3) In modern times, which are the two Italian regions competing for the authorship of the focaccia?

A) Puglia and Liguria

B) Puglia and Campania

C) Puglia and Lazio

4) he 2009 movie “Focaccia blues” is inspired by a true story actually happened in Altamura, a city in the province of Bari. What happened?

A) A small “focacceria”, through its sales and its success, forces the nearby McDonald’s to close down

B) A small “focacceria” hires a blues musician to play in the place, garnering instant success

C) A small “focacceria” becomes famous because the baker prepares the focaccia while singing

5) How many types of focaccia belong to the tradition?

A) 1

B) 3

C) 5

Alright, now let’s see how how to prepare it:

ingredients to use to prepare the dough of the focaccia

– 200g flour

– 100g semolina

– a small potato

– a tablespoon of salt

– a tablespoon of sugar

– 12g of yeast

– 200-220ml of water

ingredients to use for seasoning  

– Extra Virgin olive oil

– cherry tomatoes

– oregano

– salt

– olives (optional)

– 3 tablespoons of water

How to prepare the focaccia

1) Pour all the flour in a bowl Versare tutta la farina in una ciotola

2) Add the semolina Aggiungere il semolino

3) Add the potato (that has been previously boiled, peeled and mashed with the fork)

Aggiungere la patata (precedentemente lessata, pelata e schiacciata con una forchetta)

4) Add the sugar Aggiungere lo zucchero

5) Dig a well in the flour with the hand and then add the yearn

7)  Add the salt

8) Pour half of the water (heated) on the yearn and let it melt with your hands

9) Start mixing and then add the remaining water and mix again by kneading with your fingers until you get a homogeneous result

10) Shape the dough into a round ball with your floured hand

11) Wrap the dough in a cloth, then put it in a bowl and let it stand for three or four hours

12) Pour on the bottom of the pan a lot of olive oil and then add some flour

13) Strew some flour on your hands to move the dough from the bowl to the baking tray

14) Wet you hands with olive oil and mash the dough until it reaches the sides of the baking tray and then let it stand for 30 minutes

15) Season with salt, oregano and cherry tomatoes cut into little pieces

16) Prepare a mixture with 3 tablespoons of water and 3 tablespoons of olive oil and then pour it on the focaccia

17) Preheat the oven at 220° and when it’s hot, put your focaccia in the oven for 25-30 minutes

18) Pull the focaccia out of the oven when it has taken a golden color

Well, now you just have to taste your focaccia! Let us know in the comment section how it came out and how the quiz did go. But if you’re still hungry and and you want to learn other delicious dishes of the Bel Paese, then don’t miss our video on the typical dishes from all regions!

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