Stop Saying “PENSO CHE…” – Learn How to Express your Opinions in Italian!

In today’s lesson, we have decided to help you to improve your writing skills, if you are trying to get a language certification, but that will be also useful for everyday spoken language. In fact, we are going to see, together, all the alternatives to the form “penso che“, used to express your opinions and ideas.

All the alternatives to express “penso che”

Let’s start by saying that “penso che…”, alongside “credo che“, is a widely used form in Italian spoken language, therefore it is not very adequate for those who want to achieve a high level in Italian.

So now let’s see the best alternatives, starting from:

  • Mi sembra che …”

Example: “Mi sembra che PewDiePie abbia perso contro T-series”. (It seems like PewDiePie lost to T-series)

  • Ritengo che …”

Example: “Ritengo che l’uscita del Regno Unito dall’Europa sia stato un errore”. (I think that the departure of the UK from the EU was a mistake)

  • Suppongo che …”

Example: “Suppongo che sia meglio imparare queste espressioni a memoria”. (I suppose it’s better memorize these expressions)

but also

  • Sono propenso a credere che …”

Example: “Sono propenso a credere che il colpevole sia lui”. (I’m inclined to think he is the culprit)

  • Ho l’impressione che …”

Example: “Ho l’impressione che sia meglio cambiare idea”. (I feel like it’s better I change my heart)

  • Per quanto mi riguarda, …”

Example: “Per quanto mi riguarda, la vita è meravigliosa”. (As for myself, life is beautiful)

or still

  • Secondo me, …”

Example: “Secondo me, la racchetta per uccidere le zanzare è molto utile”. (In my opinion, the racquet for killing mosquitoes is very useful)

  • Dal mio punto di vista, …”

Example: “Dal mio punto di vista, LearnAmo è una figata” (From my point of view, LearnAmo is awesome)

All the expressions used to state our opinion in a subordinate clause introduced by “CHE”, hold the subjunctive!

Ah, it must also be said that the expressions we have just seen can be used both in the written form and the spoken form, but there are other casual expressions which are appropriate only in oral contexts.


  • Mi pare che

Esempio: “Mi pare che One Piece sia il manga più venduto al mondo”. (I think that One Piece is the world’s top-selling manga)


  • Direi che 

Example: “Mmmm… direi che questa maglietta è proprio figa! (Mmm… I’d say this t-shirt is really cool)

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But let’s keep going…

There are also the expressions: 

  • A voler essere onesti, …” / “Personalmente, …”

Example: “A voler essere onesti, il nostro sito è una risorsa indispensabile per chi studia l’italiano (To be honest, our site is an indispensable resource for those who study Italian)
Personalmente, condivido quanto hai appena detto!” (Personally, I agree with what you’ve just said)

Now it’s your turn! Use these expressions in the comment section to give your opinions and ideas: we will try to correct possible mistakes! If you like, you can also take a look at the lesson! on the alternatives to express uncertainty!

Let’s see if you’ve mastered the contents of this class. Have a go at completing the exercises!

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