You know, Italian fashion and cars are famous all over the world! But how many people know hoe to pronounce Italian brands‘ names correctly? Let’s see together the pronunciation of the most important brands!

PRONOUNCE the brands like a TRUE ITALIAN!

Have you seen, and most importantly heard, the video? Now let’s go back point by point!

Let’s start with a few fashion brands…


Let’s start with a luxury fashion brand, founded in Florence in 1921 and known almost everywhere in the world. The name derives from its founder, Guccio Gucci. The most common mistake is to not pronounce one “c”, so always remember that there are two: Gucci!


Here there is another well-known brand of clothing (and even food!). This company was founded in 1975 in the capital of Italian fashion: Milan!

Dolce & Gabbana

This name derives from the union of the surnames of its founders: Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Many foreigners say “Dolce and Gabbana”, but in the end it is an Italian company, isn’t it? So why using “and” instead of “e”? Also remember to pronounce “Dolce with the final “e”, but not with an english pronunciation, which makes it more similar to the Italian “i”. Finally, always pay attention to the doubles in “Gabbana”!


This high fashion brand, which has its headquarters in Milan, takes its name from its creator: the great Italian designer Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani.


This is probably the most difficult brand to pronounce for foreigners, and we don’t really understand why. As for “Dolce“, pay attention to pronouncing the final “e” of “Versace“.

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And now, let’s move on to cars …


Which is pronounced by roaring the two “r” of “Ferrari”, just as the engine of these famous cars roars!


This super famous car company is based in Sant’Agata Bolognese, a municipality in Emilia-Romagna.


Iconic for its Vespa, a scooter patented in 1946, but which still exists in its modern variants. Always remember the double “g”!

Alfa Romeo

Founded in the ‘900 in Milan and famous today especially for the Giulietta and the Mito. Here, be careful because “Romeo” should be pronounced in the Italian way, not the English one!


The Italian company par excellence! Founded in the late 1800s in Turin, it is famous today especially for the 500, the Panda and the Punto.

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