Has someone thanked you in a very particular way and now you want to reply with something more than a simple “prego”? No problem! Here’s a useful short (and funny!) video about all the alternative ways to say “prego”!

All the Ways to Say “YOU ARE WELCOME” in Italian

After learning all the expressions to say “thank you in Italian…

…today we will see all the ways to reply!

1. First of all, the classic reply to the word “grazie” (thank you) is the word PREGO (you’re welcome)


– Mi passi la bottiglia del vino, per favore? (Can you pass that bottle of wine, please?)

– Ecco a te! 

– Grazie! (Thank you!)

– Prego! (You’re welcome)

2. If we want to be more original we can also use FIGURATI (informal) o SI FIGURI(formal, when you want to  be more polite)


– La ringrazio per aver accettato il mio invito, avvocato. (Thank you for accepting my invitation, lawyer)

– Si figuri! (You’re welcome!)

3. Or we can say DI NULLA / DI NIENTE


– Tieni.. ecco il libro che mi avevi chiesto! (Here…take the book you asked me!)

– Ah sì! Grazie mille… (Yeah! Thanks a lot…)

– Di niente!(No problem!)

4. Still we can use the expression  NON C’È DI CHE! or its variant  E DI CHE?!. These two expressions, in particular, are used to not make someone, who thanks you, feel to owe us.


– Ti ringrazio molto per avermi accompagnata dal medico! (Thank you for accompanying me to the doctor!)

 Non c’è di che! / E di che? (Don’t mention it!)

5. To reply to someone who thanks us for doing a favor (in this case we mean something more than the simple passing the bottle of water) we can use:

  È STATO UN PIACERE → To tell the person we didn’t do that reluctantly, but happily, with pleasure.

QUANDO VUOI (informal) / QUANDO VUOLE (formal) → To tell the person that, we are ready to help even in future, for everything. 


– Grazie per averci aiutato a realizzare questo video! (Thanks for helping us making this video!)

– È stato un piacere! / Quando vuoi! (It was a pleasure! Whenever you want!)


If you want to enforce your answer you can unite two of these answers (but not more!!!)


– La ringrazio per la sua disponibilità! (Thank you for your willingness!)

– Prego! Si figuri! (You’re most welcome!)

Now, find out all the ways to compliment!

Let’s see if you’ve mastered the contents of this class. Have a go at completing the exercises!

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