Tè, te’, the, tea, thé… how do we write this word in Italian?

In today’s article we are dealing with a matter that creates many doubts among Italians: how to write the name, in Italian, of the famous beverage, whose name, in English, is tea. Which one is the correct form? Is it written te, without the accent ore , with the accent? Maybe it’s written te’, with the apostrophe. Perhaps we should place a H in the middle, so it would be the. Or still both with the accent and the H, namely: thé. It’s time to find out!

The correct Italian form for “tea”

As we said Tea, corresponds to the English form. Now we are going to analyze all the other possibilities:

The and Te’: the forms with the H in the middle and with the apostrophe at the end are completely wrong and without any sense, so they must not be used.

Thé:  the form with the acute accent on the “e” and the H in the middle is not wrong, but it not related to Italian language. In fact, that’s the right French form.

Te: the form without accent corresponds to the personal pronoun that can have the value of direct/indirect object, so it doesn’t concern our research. But, if you’re interested in the topic, you can deepen the complement pronouns.

: it’s our winner! In fact, currently, this is the right spelling in use in Italian language to refer to the much-loved beverage by English people!

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Ah, if you like, write if you prefer , much-loved by the English or caffè, much-loved by the Italians! Let’s see who will win: ITALY vs ENGLAND!

See you soon in the next lesson! Don’t miss it, bye!

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