Italian Comprehension/Listening Test: What’s your Level?

A common problem among foreign people studying Italian is the inability to understand perfectly what they’re told, even though they can read and write in a perfect Italian or they know the grammar. For this reason, in the this lesson, we are going to test your oral listening skills!

Italian Audio Test 

Watch the video including the 3 audio tracks and answer the following multiple choice questions:

Audio track 1

1) What color are Martina’s eyes? 

A) Green

B) Yellow

C) Blue

2) What are Martina’s parents’ occupations?

A) Servers

B) Astronauts

C) Attorneys

3) What’s Martina’s parents’ dream?  

A) Buying a house in Venice

B) Going to the Carnival of Venice

C) Buying a gondola in Venice

4) The houses in Venice are very expensive, but Martina’s parents have got enough money to buy one of them

A) True

B) False

5) Where do Martina’s parents live?

A) in Venice

B) in a small town

C) in a metropolis

D) in Milan

6) What’s the name of the place in which Martina’s parents live? 

A) Milano Marittima

B) Ostuni

C) Madonna di Campiglio

D) Ferrara

Audio track 2 

1) Graziana will soon get a raise by the company she works for 

A) True

B) False

2) Who is Rocco getting marry to?

A) Graziana

B) Marta

C) Beatrice

D) Information not available

3) In which city is Rocco going to get married? 

A) Cerignola

B) Genoa

C) Syracuse

D) Cagliari

4) How many years have passed since Graziana has been to Genoa?

A) 2

B) 3

C) 4

5) Did Rocco invite Graziana to the wedding?

A) Yes

B) No

6) Is Graziana going to the wedding?

A) Yes

B) No

Audio track 3

1) What do people wonder about most?  

A) The reasons behind the drop in sales of Apple products

B) The identity of the CEO of Apple

C) The reasons behind the success of Apple

2) What does everybody agree on?

A) Apple Software and hardware are great

B) Apple marketing strategies are effective

C) Apple customer support is excellent

3) With what other name do people refer to Apple?  

A) Silicon Valley

B) Rotten apple

C) Bitten apple

D) Steve

4) The sales of Apple products are in decline 

A) True

B) False

5) Which adjective is used to describe the founder of Apple?

A) Brilliant

B) Antisocial

C) Visionary

D) Futuristic

6) What or who are we referring to with the expression “his creature” ?

A) Apple

B) iphone

C) Steve Jobs’ daughter

Now, it’s time to find out what level is:

0/3 correct answer = beginner (A1)

3/6 correct answers = advanced beginner (A2)

6/9 correct answers = middle tier (B1)

9/12 correct answers = advanced middle tier (B2)

12/15 correct answers = advanced (C1)

15/18 correct answers = Dante Alighieri (C2)

We remind you that there are other Italian tests that you can take, for example: grammar test, vocabulary test, pronunciation test and conjugation test.

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