What to Do in Bologna – Italian Vlog

Are you going to Bologna and want some information? Have you just returned and you are already missing it? No problem! This video will please you anyway!

What to do in BOLOGNA: the red city!

What are the main attractions of the city?

San Petronio Basilica → is the main church of Bologna. In fact, it’s located in the immense Piazza Maggiore. It’s called the “unfinished church“, because it had to be, according to the original project, the largest church in the world. But the Pope didn’t want Saint Peter to lose his supremacy… And so he opposed the construction. Furthermore, Charles V chose it as the location for the emperor’s crowning of the Holy Roman Empire.

Palazzo Comunale → with its clock, stands imposing in Piazza Maggiore.

Neptune Fountain → depicts precisely the God of the sea and it’s located in a square with the same name. Its construction dates back to 1563 and it took three years to finish it, but today it’s one of the undisputed symbols of the city.

Portico del Podestà → thanks to its cross vault, it allows sounds to arrive from one end to the other and for this it has become a game for children and an attraction for tourists. However, according to history, this was very useful and effectively used to allow prostitutes and people with infectious diseases to receive religious confession. Let’s see!

Garisenda Tower → was built in the 12th century by the Garisendis, a very rich family of course. Originally it was higher, but due to some structural failures its height was reduced to 48 meters.

Asinelli Tower → is 97 meters high and owes its name to the noble knight who seems to have commissioned it: Gherardo Asinelli. It dates back to the 12th century too and it took us 10 years to build it! According to legend, the tower owes its name to the animals (donkeys in fact) of a poor farmer, that with their sense of smell made their master find a treasure right where now the tower stands, thus enriching the family, which then decided its construction. As we have already seen in the video of Lucca, the towers were very important in the past, both to show their prestige and to control the surrounding territories and defend themselves.

Arcades → There is no other city in the world that has as many arcades as Bologna! Together they extend for a total of 53 km in total!

Tortellini and chopping meat → you can’t go to Bologna without having tasted them, with a good glass of red wine to accompany! Enjoy your meal and… CHEERS!

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