Italian SPELLING Test: Do You Think that You Write Well in Italian?

Italian language, in contrast to many other languages, like English, has a writing that’s very close to pronunciation. However, there are several words that may cause some trouble, more precisely in spelling. Therefore, we made a test thanks to which you’ll be able to know if you can recognize them and find out what your result is, thanks to our ranking list!

10 hard to write Italian words 

Choose from the offered options and watch the video to find out if you’ve given the right answer.

How would you write:

1) Tacquino or  Taccuino (Notebook)

2) Ciliegie, Ciliege, Cilliege or Cigliege (Cherries)

3) Innoquo or Innocuo (Harmless)

4) Ingegnere or Ingegniere (Engineer)

The next one is really difficult, watch out! Complete the expression: “make things…”

5) Apposto or A posto (Affixed) / (Right)

6) Conoscienza or Conoscenza (Knowledge)

7) Camice or Camicie (White coat)/ (Blouses)

Again, complete the expression: “… I go to the cinema”

8) A volte or Avvolte (Sometimes) / (Wrapped)

We are almost at the end of our test! 

9) Coscienza or Coscenza (Conscience)

10) Dapertutto or Dappertutto (Everywhere)

If you have troubles with double consonants, we suggest that you watch our video-lesson related to this topic!

Now, it’s time to find out what level is:

1 correct answer = beginner (A1)

2/3 correct answers = advanced beginner (A2)

4/5 correct answers = middle tier (B1)

6/7 correct answers = advanced middle tier (B2)

8/9 correct answers = advanced (C1)

10 correct answers = god of Spelling (C2)

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In addition, if you want to improve your colloquial Italian, you should immediately read our book Italiano Colloquiale: Parole ed Espressioni per Tutti I Giorni.

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