What does “macché” Mean? Learn Italian Words!

What does macché mean? How is it used? When is it used? If you’re looking for the answers to these questions… watch our video-lesson! And, don’t forget to do the exercises at the end of the lesson!  😛

Macché in Italian: meaning and how to use it!

Have you ever heard the word “macché?

It’s a typical Italian informal word… But what is its meaning? How is it used?

Macché expresses an opposition, a rejection and a negation to what has been previously said.

It can be used in three different ways:

1) alone


– Stai piangendo? (Are you crying?)

– Macché! Mi è entrato qualcosa nell’occhio! (No way, I got something stuck in my eye!)

2) followed by the noun you want to negate or refuse


– Andiamo in montagna questa estate? (Are we going to go the mountains this summer?)

– Macché montagna! Ho già prenotato una settimana alle Maldive! (Forget the mountains! I’ve booked a week holiday in Maldive)

3) followed by the verb you want to negate or refuse


– Andiamo a correre? (Are we going for a run?)

– Macché correre! Oggi rimango sul divano a guardare un film! (Forget about running! I’m going to watch a movie on my couch today!)

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