PIZZA Napoletana or… Romana? Find out the differences!

Everyone knows that Italy is famous for being the home of pizza, but do you know that in Italy there are two types of pizza, very different one from the other?

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Romana or Napoletana? The eternal dilemma of PIZZA for ITALIANS


Did you think you knew Italian pizza very well? But did you know that pizza in Italy is divided into two main types?


The pizza napoletana (Neapolitan pizza) and the pizza romana (Roman pizza)!


But what are the differences?

Without listing the exact recipe and cooking phases, what we are interested in are the general characteristics that distinguish one type of pizza from another.


Neapolitan pizza, typical of the Campania region (but widespread throughout Italy), is characterized by being soft and with an unmistakable very high edge. Its dough is quite thick, which makes it ideal for those who are really hungry! It is basically impossible not to be satisfied with a Neapolitan pizza!

pizza napoletana italy

Roman pizza, instead, typical of the Lazio region (but which can now be found throughout the peninsula and beyond), is characterized by being very thin and crunchy. Its edge, moreover, is low, so it is very easy to distinguish it from the Neapolitan pizza!

pizza romana italy

Which one is the best? Well, that’s up to you to decide, trying both of them!

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