I understand Italian but I can’t speak it! – 3 strategies to solve the problem

One of the most common problems among students of foreign languages is, surely, not being able to express themselves correctly in the language they’re studying, nevertheless they can understand everything that is said. How can we solve this problem?

3 methods to speak Italian properly 

The issue of not properly speaking a foreign language you’re studying would derive mainly by the fact that most of people studying a foreign language has never got the chance to speak it with other people. In fact, most of the effort is focused on the unbridled study of grammar, through old and obsolete books, and on the listening through movies, songs videos ecc. These activities are surely helpful but they’re not sufficient.

This article includes 3 strategies that will help you to improve your oral skills in any language you’ll decide to study.

Let’s start by saying that if you really want to learn to speak properly a foreign language, you should interact with a proper interlocutor, possibly a mother tongue speaker. Don’t you know where you can find mother tongue people who are open to talk to you?

1) italki

it’s an Internet which includes mother tongue languages of any language, Italian included. One of the features I like the most on Italki is the possibility of booking and managing your classes from your smartphone. Graziana Filomeno works on Italki as professional Italian teacher, therefore, if you want, you could book some individual Italian classes with her!

The second strategy, that seems to work quite well, is:

2) parlare con se stessi (talking to yourself) 

it may seem strange ma it’s a very useful technique, because we spend a lot of time thinking, therefore doing it in the language we are studying will help us to solve the problem of the mental translation which is slow and cumbersome, and doesn’t allow you to express yourselves   as you want. By establishing this habit, your thoughts will already be formed in the language you’re studying!

The third and last strategy is:

3) chatting

that’s a super-effective way to speak fluently, because when we write, in our mind we follow the same process we carry out when we speak, namely thinking quickly and giving voice to our thoughts. Besides, finding someone is not even that difficult, you can use the numerous apps that let you communicate with foreign people who are learning your native language and would like to speak it with you to exchange knowledge! You can also use forums to interact, maybe they’re less immediate than a chat but they have very active communities you can talk to, about anything: fashion, books travels ecc… like, for example, Reddit.

Good, these were the strategies to improve your spoken language, but if you want to learn how to express yourselves properly, in Italian, in certain context you can watch the video-dialogues we made, like:  dialogue at the restaurant, dialogue at the hotel or dialogue at the supermarket. We assure you they’ll be very useful!

Instead, if  your main difficulty lies in memorizing new terms and words, then we suggest you to take a look at the video that is exclusively devoted to the topic of memorization: you won’t regret that!

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