Italian Hotel Dialogue: How to book a hotel room in Italian!

In today’s video we are going to deal with booking a hotel room and we are going to see the most common terms used in this field. Are you ready?

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Booking an Italian hotel room

Now we are going to show you a short dialogue, between a receptionist and a client, in which a room booking is carried out. Let’s get it started.

Date and room availability  

– It’s the LearnAmo Hotel in Bari, how can I help you?
– Hello, I’d like to book  a camera matrimoniale (master bedroom) for a week.
– Sure! Could you tell me the dates of the stay?
– Yes, sorry, I forgot to tell you. It’s from the 5th till the 12th of August.
– Ok, don’t worry, I’ll check it out right away! I’ll put you on hold for a moment!
– Take your time!
– Here I am! Are you still there?
– Yes, I’m here!
– Unfortunately we are full from the 5th till the 12th of August, we have left only a camera singola (single room) but if you want a master bedroom, we have a free room from the 13th till the 20th of August. Does it sound good to you?

[Camera matrimoniale: room with a double bed, usually reserved to couples]
[Camera singola: room with a single bed, for only one person. ]
[Camera doppia: (double room) room for 2 people, but with two separate single beds.]

 Features and Prices

– Mm… Yes, it might be good as long as it has all the comforts: wi-fi, hairdryer, tv and breakfast included.
– Of course, all our rooms are provided with all the services and comforts you mentioned!
– Great! Can you tell me the cost of the room?
– Well, the total cost for a week comes to 2.150 euros, so it would be 321 euros per night.
– Golly! This LearnAmo Hotel is quite expensive!
– Yes, after all, we are a five star hotel. Our rooms are comfortable, large, with a panoramic view.  Moreover, booking a room in our facility, will give you free access to our wellness center with an indoor pool and sauna.
– I get it… but is there also a jacuzzi in the room?
– With an addition of 50€ per night, we can give you our best suite with jacuzzi.
– But is the tassa di soggiorno (local tax) included in the price?
– No, the local tax in Bari comes to 2€ per night!

[Tassa di soggiorno: tax paid to hotel facilities that ranges from 1 to 5 euros. The cost varies from town to town.]

– Thank you for all the information, hold on a second, I’ll talk to my boyfriend and I’ll tell you if it’s fine for us or not.

– Yes?
– The room comes to about 2500 euros with jacuzzi, breakfast and all the rest… is it good to you?
– As you want, sweetie… I only hope that our students buy some merchandise from our e-shop, LearnAmo Collection… otherwise we will go bankrupt!

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– Don’t worry about it! Our students are not stingy!

 Payment and Booking

– Yes, my boyfriend has agreed! We book!
– Excellent choice! … Your boyfriend is a wise guy…
– About the payment, how does it work?
–  If you want you can pay by cash upon arrival or, paying in advance by credit card or bank transfer, we can grant a reduction of 5%.
– Alright then, I’ll pay in advance!
– As you wish! Whose name will the reservation be under?
– Angela Pastore!
– Angela Bastone?
– No, no, Angela Pastore (shepherd), not bastone (stick)! I’ll do the spelling!
– Yes, thank you!
Palermo, Ancona, Savona, Torino, Otranto, Roma, Empoli.
[spelling: enunciation of a word letter by letter.]

In Italy there’s the so called alfabeto telefonico useful to do a clear spelling (you can read it at the minute 5:06 of the video).

– Great, so you have many sheep? Ahahah
–  …

Providing personal data and requiring further information 

– Just a joke! Provide me your e-mail address so I can send you  the payment form!
– Well, my e-mail address is [WATCH OUT: this e-mail address is just an example, therefore don’t write to this address]
– Great, Great! You’ll, shortly, receive an e-mail from our Hotel with the link  which will lead you to the payment form.
– It’s all clear! I’ve got just one more question: what time is the check-in?
– You can check-in from 10:30 onward. You will find a colleague of mine at the reception who will help you with the check-in procedure and who will escort you to your room. Ah, moreover, if you are coming by car, you’ll have access to our underground parking with 24/7 active video surveillance.
– Great! Thank you very much! I look forward to coming to you!
– We will be waiting for you! See you soon!
– Have a good day!

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Vediamo se hai appreso i contenuti di questa lezione! Prova a fare gli esercizi!

Quale camera bisogna prenotare per avere due letti singoli?
La tassa di soggiorno varia da città a città.
A quale città solitamente corrisponde la lettera T nell'alfabeto telefonico?
Cos'è lo spelling?
Che cosa offre la receptionist dell'hotel LearnAmo per 50€ in più a notte?
Cosa devono fare gli studenti di LearnAmo per non mandare in bancarotta Rocco e Angela?
Quale sconto riceverebbe Angela pagando in anticipo?

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