STOP TRANSLATING in your Head and Start THINKING in another LANGUAGE!

In the following lesson we are going to give you some important tips to stop translating every sentence in your mind in your native language in order to start speaking more fluently in Italian! Unfortunately, that’s a common problem among all those who try to learn another language and resorting to translation might seem the best solution to relate to a new language, but unfortunately it’s not like that!  Stay with us if you want to learn these magical tricks!

6 tricks to speak Italian more fluently 

1) Don’t translate FROM THE BEGINNING!

If you’re amateurs, resorting to translation will be inevitable because, especially in early years of study, it’s hat’s taught us to learn new words. But in order to learn a language properly, you need to rely on your senses, thus by: observing, watching, touching, tasting, smelling, and also by imitating, just like during childhood. In later life it might result quite difficult, but with a constant practice, you’ll be able to enrich your vocabulary comprehensively and effectively!

2) Don’t use the the BILINGUAL dictionary!

The MONOLINGUAL dictionary is a great tool, more useful than the bilingual dictionary since it will help you to learn the meaning of the words of the language you’re studying, through the context that’s written in the vocabulary by helping yourselves to think i that language. Maybe with adjectives and verbs it might be result difficult at the beginning, but don’t give up and keep trying!

3) Speak to YOURSELVES CON TE STESSO in the language you’re learning!

Speaking to yourselves loudly, in the language you’re learning is a very important exercise that will help you to think more easily in that language. Try to do that while you’re driving, cooking or taking a walk, by describing the actions you’re taking or what you’re seeing, it will help you to learn new words and improve your coordination between the clauses, allowing you to correct your mistakes at the same time!

4) ALWAYS THINK in another language!

Once you’re familiar with the language by speaking to yourselves loudly, you can also start thinking in the language you’re learning! Start speaking loudly when you’re alone and when you’re ready, start thinking in the foreign language all the time, or at least as often as possible! Even in this case, describe in your mind what’s around you to understand which and how many words you know and in what you can improve!

5) DIVE INTO the language!

When you’re doing something that doesn’t require your your complete concentration, like cooking or cleaning, be sure to listen to something (possibly with your headphones) in the language you want to learn! This method is really effective because listening to something passively will help you to recognize and distinguish new pronunciations and accents; instead, with an active listening, you’ll be able to become familiar with new words and grammatical formulas and to fill your gaps.

If you don’t want to listen to, I suggest you to watch our new video on the most famous and useful 5 YouTube channels and 5 Italian podcasts!


We know it’s very difficult but there’s no other way: you must practice with perseverance and commitment, by doing your best, even for only 20 minutes per day. Therefore, you can’t use the excuse that you don’t have enough time to study!

Well, these are our tips to stop translating all the time and to start thinking in a foreign language. We hope they might be helpful to you, but if you want to further improve you Italian, don’t miss our course Italiano in Contesto and our book Italiano Colloquiale: with our offer 2×1 you can have them both at the price of 69€!

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