If you’re desperately looking for a guide to help you study in a more productive and effective way, this article is perfect for you! Here, we will see how to save time while studying, so…with no further ado, let’s get right to it! Here are 3 precious tips and suggestions on how to study more efficiently and as fast as possible! The key is to go over and correct your own habits!

3 useful tips to study better

1 – Learn the pronunciation right away!

When studying a foreign language, everyone usually starts by acquiring the largest possible amount of information: loads of new words, expressions, grammar rules!

We end up filling notebooks and Word pages with all of this information. Which is great, of course: it’s important! However, we often do this in the quietness of our own room or school classroom. And then that’s it! We go over what we wrote down every once in a while during our free time or when doing our homework. We seem to remember everything and move on.

This approach might be useful, but we’re forgetting an important part: the pronunciation! When studying a foreign language, learning from the very beginning how to pronounce every word correctly is essential. I myself made this mistake when I first started studying my first foreign language (English) at school. I would get good grades in the writing part or in the comprehension, but I’d struggle with pronunciation. To this day, I still have doubts about how to pronounce words that I know how to spell perfectly.

Therefore, don’t make the mistake of thinking: “I’m going to learn how to write and form sentences now and I’ll have time for the pronunciation later.” Absolutely not! You must do it right away, otherwise it’s going to be harder to fix a wrong pronunciation.

Well then, I will tell you all about my own strategy to make up for my previous mistake…something you could do as well.

I take scenes from movies or TV shows, specifically those where there’s a relaxed conversation taking place between two characters, without any strong emotions. I choose one of them and try to replicate as best as I can the pronunciation, the intonation and the pace. I do the same thing until I am able to talk at the same speed as the character I chose. This way, I engage in a sort of conversation (with the other character) and I improve my pronunciation.

Go for it, it’s worth the try! The people you live with will probably think that you’ve gone mad, but it will work.

If you want to spare yourself of all of this…then…learn the pronunciation right away!

2 – Minimize all the steps that make you waste time when studying

For this new useful tip, I will show you an example based on my own experience as an Italian teacher.

During my Italian lessons, I always send them PDFs containing grammar and vocabulary exercises or some reading to do as homework. Most of them print them out and complete them using a pen. But how can they send them back to me? This might be a problem. Some of them scan them out, others send me pictures taken with their phones, and others read them out to me during the lesson. Sometimes, though, the scanner doesn’t work, or someone doesn’t recognize what they’ve written. Naturally, it doesn’t cause me any trouble, but I understand how, over time, this might lead to frustration and a decrease in motivation and willingness to learn.

Luckily I found the perfect tool to help every one of you who might be struggling with this, which will make studying through PDF files a lot quicker, easier, and more efficient. I’m talking about Wondershare PDF Element, which has kindly decided to have a collaboration with us by sponsoring our YouTube video related to this matter.

When I do my studying, I love underlining, highlighting, erasing, noting down, adding sticky notes, and so on. All of this is possible with Wondershare PDF Element, and it definitely comes out neater and more precise than the usual mess that pens make.

Here are some of its functions, if you don’t believe me!

First of all, it is very easy to use and it features an intuitive start screen.

You can drag, upload and even edit a PDF file as you want, by highlighting, crossing off, underlining (creating both straight and wavy underlines), writing, erasing, adding a text (when you need to fill out an excercise) and, my personal favorite, adding notes! There is a wide range of colors to choose from, which can assist you when studying as you might want to pair each color with a specific goal or concept! You can even add a digital signature! If you’re working on an important document, you can secure it. And you can even combine two or more PDFs together, which is not always a feature available to every program! Needless to say, you can delete pages, change their order, add pages, cut them out, remove or change the background. And you will find every change made at the side of the screen: comments, bookmarks, other files…

In short, l think it’s an extremely practical tool to scribble on your documents and then save the edits and send the PDF to whoever you want or keep it within reach on your device!

Give Wondershare PDF Element a chance! You can try it out for free. The subscription is actually convenient, you won’t have to spend a fortune! If you’re a student, you can receive a 50% discount.

3 – Always challenge yourself!

In the city where I am from, Bari, there’s a quite inspiring story about facing a challenge that I’d like to tell you as the third, precious tip that I got for you.

The story goes that, in the decades of the 50s and 60s, parents used to push their own kids off of a cliff, to teach them how to swim. Having to face such a hard and sudden challenge, the kids would immediately learn how to swim in order to survive.

We don’t know for sure that this story is actually true. It might be too drastic, but you can get inspired by its concept. Which is: every once in a while you must push yourself into a challenge that is much bigger than yourself.

For example, try to speed up the YouTube videos that you’re watching at 1.5 or 2! Check your level of comprehension. You know that you can do it on Netflix as well now?

But remember: it must be every once in a while, so as to challenge yourself the right amount. Don’t overdo it, otherwise you might feel frustrated and think you’re not learning anything. Think of it as an assessment test. Just once a week or once a month.

And here’s more advice: if you enjoy music, try listening to rap music every once in a while. Being a fast-paced kind of music, you can use it to test your ability to understand the language. Or maybe you could try reading an elaborate text, a book or an article regarding a specific field that you don’t know much about.

Anything of this sort, as I already told you, will encourage you to keep studying and help you learn more rapidly!

And now that I have revealed to you my 3 best tips to make your studying time more productive…What are you waiting for? Don’t waste any more time and start learning Italian car vocabulary!

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