Our Trip to Florence, Pisa and Lucca

As promised, here it is the video of our trip to Florence, Pisa and Lucca! Unfortunately, since it is our first video made with a smartphone, it is not the best one! Could you forgive us?


Ponte di Mezzo

It is 89 metres long.

Both Percy Bysshe Shelley and Giacomo Leopardi believed that the best sunrise was the one you can see from the Ponte di Mezzo in Pisa.

Leaning Tower

It is tilting because, during the construction, the ground on which it stands experienced a subsidence.

It is 56 metres long and it has 8 floors, 7 bells, 293 steps and an inclination of 4 degrees.

Battistero in Pisa

Near the leaning tower, the Battistero stands out. It seems to be the biggest in Italy!

Cathedral of Pisa

Facing the leaning tower, you can see Cathedral of Pisa. Originally, it had been built outside the city walls, because it had to symbolize that the power of the city didn’t need any protection.


Santa Maria Novella Church

This church is famous in the Italian literature because the protagonists of the Decameron written by Boccaccio (one of the most famous Italian works) met here before moving outside the city to get away from the plague that afflicted Italy and the whole Europe in 1348.

Battistero of San Giovanni – Porta del Paradiso (Heaven Door)

This is the most famous door of the whole Battistero. It has been realized in bronze by Lorenzo Ghiberti, and it took him 27 years to accomplish it!

Ci mette or ci vuole? Do you know the difference? If not, watch our lesson on metterci vs volerci!

Santa Maria del Fiore – Florence Cathedral

It is the third biggest church in Europe, after Saint Peter in Rome and Saint Paul in London.

Brunelleschi’s Dome

In order to reach the top of it, you’ll have to face 463 steps, but believe us: the view of Florence from there is AMAZING!

Giotto’s Bell Tower

In order to reach its top, you’ll have to climb 414 steps… But it is worth it! We did it and, while we were above, we could hear the bells ringing! The bell tower has 7 bells, and the biggest one among them is called Santa Reparata, named after the Saint to whom the ancient cathedral is dedicated.

Ponte Vecchio

It is one of the symbols of Florence. Since 1600, the bridge has only hosted the shops of goldsmiths and jewelers. Originally, there were fish and butcher shops, but were replaced because Ferdinand I couldn’t stand the bad smell every time he passed there.


The walls

Few monuments in the world have survived for so long! Every day among many citizens and tourists from all over the world have a walk along these walls!


It dates back to the 6th century and therefore it is the ancientest cathedral in Tuscany.

Anfiteatro Square

It is a very peculiar square, characterized by its typical oval shape: it was an ancient Roman amphitheater dating back to the 2nd century a.C. What strikes the most entering this square is the different height of the houses!

Guinigi Tower

It dates back to 1300, when the noble and powerful families used to build high towers to rival with the other families and show off their power. On the top of this tower there are… trees! That’s why it is known as “Giardino nel cielo” (Garden in the sky). In order to see it closer, you’ll have to climb 230 steps, but it is worth it! You get to admire all the city of Lucca from above… a breathtaking view!

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