Summer is coming – at least in Italy – and there’s no better chance for those who are studying Italian to spend a few days in the Bel Paese! If your Italian is still weak or if it’s rusty because of the passing of time, then this lesson is perfect for you! In fact, we’ll see 10 verbs that everyone should know before traveling to Italy!


1. PRENOTARE – meaning

When one plans any trip, the first step is PRENOTARE, that is to book something in advance.

In particular, it is possible to book the tickets for the train or the plane, but also the accommodation (the hotel or the house) and, once we’re in the location, it is also possible to reserve a table at the restaurant or a seat at the theatre or at the cinema.

For example:

– Salve! Chiamo perché vorrei prenotare una camera matrimoniale nel vostro albergo per due notti. Dal 3 al 5 agosto. È possibile? (Hello? I’m calling because I would like to book a double room in your hotel for two nights. From August 3 to August 5. Is it possible?)

– Certo! Mi dia i documenti e il numero della sua carta di credito così completiamo la prenotazione! (Sure! Give me the documenti and the number of your credit card, so we can complete the booking!)

2. DISDIRE – meaning

This verb is strictly linked to the previous one, since it means to cancel a reservation. It is certainly useful to know this verb, because something might come up and you might be unable to fulfil one reservation.

For example:

– Pronto? Vorrei disdire la prenotazione fatta a nome di Giulia Rossi. Purtroppo mio marito ha avuto un imprevisto e non potremo venire! Spero non ci siano problemi! (Hello? I would like to cancel the reservation registered with the name of Giulia Rossi. Unfortunately something came up and we could not be there! I hope there won’t be problems!)

– Certo! Non si preoccupi! (Of course! Don’t worry!)

3. PERNOTTARE – meaning

This verb means to stay overnight, to spend the night in a place that is not your house.

For example:

Lo sai che ho appena prenotato una vacanza a Dubai per quest’estate? Pernotteremo in un albergo di fronte al Burj Khalifa! (Do you know that I have just booked a holiday in Dubai for this Summer? We’ll stay overnight in a hotel opposite to the Burj Khalifa!)

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4. DECOLLARE / 5. ATTERRARE – meaning

These verbs are both related to the plane. In fact, DECOLLARE means to take off, while ATTERRARE means to land.

For example:

– Che viaggio terribile! L’aereo era decollato bene… ma poi quante turbolenze! Eravamo così preoccupati lassù! Non vedevamo l’ora di atterrare! (What a terrible trip! The plane took off well… but then… we hit turbulence! We were so worried up there! We were looking forward to landing!)

– Immagino! (I can imagine…)

6. ASSAGGIARE – meaning

This is a verb that few know but that everybody likes! ASSAGGIARE, in fact, means to try, but it is only used with reference to food, to taste. When we taste something, we eat only a little quantity to understand if we like its flavour and if we want to eat more.

For example:

Dopo che la gente assaggia il piatto tipico di Bari, patate riso e cozze, non ne può più fare a meno! (After people try the typical dish of Bari, patate riso e cozze, they cannot live without it anymore!)

7. MISURARE – meaning

During a holiday, you certainly enter some shoes or clothes shops to buy something, right? In Italy, if you want to tell the salesperson that you need to try on the shoes, the shirt or the pants, then you can use the verb MISURARE (or PROVARE).

For example:

– Dove posso misurare questa maglietta? (Where can I try on this T-shirt?)

– I camerini sono in fondo, a destra. (The dressing rooms are over there, on the right)

8. FARE DOMANDA (PRESSO) – meaning

Have you ever wanted to work or Study in Italy? Well, whatever the answer is, this verb means to make a formal request to work or study somewhere or even to receive something, to apply (in English), solicitar (in Spanish).

For example:

– Sono triste! Ho fatto domanda a 3 università americane, ma non mi ha scelta neanche una! (I’m sad! I applied at three different American universities but none chose me!)

– Sei sfigata! (You’re unlucky!)

9. PERMETTERE – meaning

This is a verbo you might see on signs when you visit a park, a museum, a church or something like that! PERMETTERE means to allow.

For example:

In questo locale non è permesso fumare! (In this room smoking is not allowed!)

10. NOLEGGIARE – meaning

NOLEGGIARE means to rent, generally movable property (means of transport – cars, motorbikes, bikes etc – or DVDs, clothes and so on).

If you want further information about NOLEGGIARE and its friends (AFFITTARE and PRESTARE), we suggest you to watch the video made by Graziana and Rosalba: don’t miss it! 

Let’s see if you’ve mastered the contents of this class. Have a go at completing the exercises!

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