Top 5 VPNs in the World to Watch Movies and TV Series in STREAMING in 2021

Movies and TV Series are one of the best ways to spend time and learn a new language in a fun and carefree way. Unfortunately, many streaming websites do not offer the possibility to access them when you are in another country: this is the case, for example, of the Italian TV channels Raiplay and Mediaset Play, which do not allow those who are outside of Italy to watch movies, TV series and programs available for Italians. Don’t despair: there is a solution to this problem! Have you ever heard of VPN? In this article we will explain what a VPN is, what are the best VPNs in the world and how a VPN can help you access all existing websites… including those with geo-restrictions!

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, a virtual private network that filters your connection by masking the IP address with which you access the Internet and, as a result, making you invisible to cyber criminals and government censorship bodies (source: Wikipedia).

VPNs are a kind of protective shield for your connection and your electronic devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.): even if we use an unprotected public WI-FI, thanks to the filter offered by VPNs, it would be possible to encrypt all the data and then browse protected by hackers, who could not intercept the information exchanged on the Internet in any way.

Another advantage that comes from the use of a VPN is to browse the Internet as if we were abroad, that is to say using an IP of another country… of our choice!  Yes, you got it right: a VPN gives you the possibility to choose from which country you would like your connection to be filtered, so it assigns you an IP of the selected country, making all the websites believe that you are in that specific country! That’s why with a VPN you can access all the websites where there are geo-restrictions, such as, for example, Raiplay and Mediaset Play.

What are the best VPNs?

Using a VPN is quite simple and cheap, but there are several companies that offer VPNs, each with its own pros and cons, so in this article, we decided to put together a list of the 5 best VPNs in the world in 2021.

To compile our list we have taken into account several factors such as: speed, reliability, price, security, reputation and graphical interface. In any case, if you are too lazy to read our reviews for each VPN, at the end of this page you will find our conclusions about which is the best VPN ever!

NordVPN logo

In a list of the best VPNs in the world, the undisputed leader in the field of cybersecurity, as well as one of the best known and historic brands in the field of privacy, cannot miss: NordVPN.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’d already heard about this VPN around the web.  NordVPN, in fact, is a 360º VPN, which does not compromise on any front: it offers exceptional performance in terms of speed (according to many experts NordVPN offers the fastest VPN in the world), is characterized by a simple and clean graphical interface, guarantees various levels of security of the latest generation and, above all, you can enjoy it at very low and super convenient prices!

Using NordVPN is super simple and intuitive, so rather than talking about how NordVPN works, we’d like to focus on the prices of this VPN that, as we anticipated, are ridiculous: in fact, with very little euros (about 2.9€ per month), you can use NordVPN unlimited on as many as 6 devices simultaneously between computers, tablets, smartphones and smart TV (you could also set NordVPN directly on your router)!

Furthermore, besides giving you the opportunity to choose from 5000 servers in 60 countries around the world, NordVPN has also introduced two new features: NordLocker, which allows you to protect and encrypt your files, and NordPass, which securely and encrypts all your passwords (please do not tell us that you still use a Word file to save all your passwords…).

Thanks to NordVPN you can access Raiplay, Mediaset Play, Netflix, Amazon Prime Movies, Disney+ and all other services and streaming sites without any problem, wherever you are in the world! So, if you are looking for a VPN that has something more than what is offered by all the other VPNs around (free and paid for), NordVPN is what suits you.

NordVPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so you could try their services and if they don’t convince you, ask for a full refund by sending a simple email to customer support (their support team always responds in less than 24 hours!).

Iscriviti a NordVPN

ExpressVPN logo

ExpressVPN, as well as NordVPN, it is without a doubt a landmark when it comes to VPN.

Although ExpressVPN also offers a fast, secure and stable connection, as well as a pretty intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface, it should be noted that, unlike NordVPN, its price is definitely higher. In fact, the cheapest plan starts at about 7 euros per month (more than twice as much as NordVPN).

Expressvpn is available on all devices and operating systems and allows you to bypass the geo-restrictions of the most common streaming sites (and not only!) without too much difficulty. However, at the time we are writing this article, ExpressVPN offers the ability to connect only 5 devices simultaneously, which it is not little, but it is less than the competition (see NordVPN).

One good thing about ExpressVPN is that you can try it for 30 days and, if it doesn’t convince you, ask for a full refund on the subscription you have purchased: to do this, just send a simple email to customer support!

Iscriviti a ExpressVPN

Surfshark VPN logo

Although slightly less known than the two VPNSs we mentioned earlier, Surfshark is another very good VPN from the point of view of ease of use, security and speed.

To be totally honest, Surfshark also offers a rather advantageous price: for about 3 euros per month, it provides all the basic functions with related security protocols and encryption.

Among other things, it should be noted that Surfshark is available on all operating systems and offers a subscription that covers an unlimited number of devices, so with a single account you could be able to navigate on all devices simultaneously (not bad!).

The only flaw compared to NordVPN is its customer support: we tried to contact them several times, but we never managed to get an answer… probably the pandemic slowed down their customer support, so we will try to contact them again in a few months!

Iscriviti a Surfshark

hotspot shield vpn

Hotspot Shield  is perhaps not one of the most famous VPNs in the world, but has managed in recent years to carve out a good slice of the market thanks to its free plans.

In fact, Hotspot Shield offers the chance to use their VPN for free, but at a compromise: speed! Using the free version, you can surf using a filtered connection and a different IP, but we don’t make sure you will be able to watch movies and TV series in streaming, as the connection will be very slow!

However, if you like Hotspot Shield, you can decide, at any time, to switch to the Premium version of their VPN, which will allow you to surf at high speed and at a cost of about 5/6 euros per month.

The price is certainly not the lowest, but it’s not bad if we consider that lately Hotspot Shield has also added support for routers, Linux and devices for streaming on televisions.

Finally, it should be said that this VPN provides full access to over 3200 servers in more than 80 countries, the ability to connect up to 5 devices and 24/7 customer support.

Iscriviti a Hotspot Shield

ipvanish vpn logo

To conclude our article on the best VPNs, we can only quote IPVanish.

IPVanish provides more than 40 thousand shared IPs, more than 1500 servers distributed in over 70 countries, unlimited simultaneous connections and 24/7 assistance… Not bad, is it?

The download speed is above average and allows you to access all streaming websites without any particular difficulty. However, even the price is slightly above average: the cheapest plan starts from about 4€ per month.

On the other hand, according to many experts, IPVanish offers one of the most advanced encryption technologies ever, second only to NordVPN.

Iscriviti a IPVanish


We are sure that all the VPNs we recommended in this article will not disappoint you in any way: they are fast, easy to use, extremely cheap, safe and stable. However, if we really had to choose which is the best VPN in the world in 2021, our answer would be quite direct and immediate: NordVPN.

Especially if you are learning a foreign language and need to connect to multiple devices quickly and securely, our advice is to rely on NordVPN as their service is currently the best available in terms of performance, both in terms of economic convenience.

In any case, once you have chosen what your VPN will be, all you have to do is decide what to look for to improve your foreign language learning! But once again we come to meet us with two very interesting articles on the best Italian comedy movies and the most beautiful TV series to watch in streaming!

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