We had an APERITIVO on the train: Italo Treno CLUB EXECUTIVE

In this video, we’ve decided to take you with us for an aperitivo on an Italian train! We know foreigners appreciate Italian trains, however many still do not use them, preferring to hire a car. In fact, the Italian rail system is respectable, so we believe that you should try it, at least once in your life!

Types of train

Before going into details of the journey, let’s find some useful information about trains, for those who are planning to take a trip to Italy and want to ride public transportation.

In Italiy, there are different kinds of train:

1 – treni regionali (regional trains)
2 – treni interregionali (interregional trains)
3 – treni ad alta velocità (high-speed trains)

The regionali connect cities and villages within the same region. For example, if I’m from Bari and I want to go to Lecce, I’ll take the regional one. The ticket price is generally low, on these trains, there are no reserved seats (so you sit wherever you want), there neither dining car nor first class. Sometimes, there are no toilets, but that’s another story…

The interregionali, on the other hand, also called “a lunga percorrenza” (long-distance trains), connect cities (bigger) between different regions (but not the villages). These trains cost a little more, seats are assigned and there are many conveniences. These trains are called Intercity. Anyway, they’re not high-speed trains. For example, if we imagine going from Bari to Rome: that would take 6 and half hours.

High-speed trains

High-speed trains do exactly the same as interregionali, but they’re faster and, obviously, more expensive. There are many classes, with different comforts and prices. Of these trains, we have:

Frecce (Frecciabianca, Frecciargento, Frecciarossa)

Among Frecce, the fastest is Frecciarossa, which reaches up to 300km/h. The “slowest” of the fastest, instead is Frecciabianca.

Frecciarossa trains offer 4 levels of Executive, Business, Premium and Standard service.

All the Frecciarossa trains are equipped with:

• Air conditioning
• Power sockets and tables for every seat
• Large sections for luggages
• Monitor with informations (for example forecast) and travel news constantly updated
• Free WI-FI, online entertainment services
• Seats and toilet facilities for the disabled
• Toilets for every car
• Dining car

In addition, the Premium service offers extra legroom and welcome amenities with a sweet or savory snack and drinks.

Il Business, besides having these services, there’s also a quite zone with dividing crystal elements for a maximum privacy.

And finally, the Executive, the best of the best, also offers: spacious leather armchairs with reclining backrest and extendible leg plates, space of cm 150 between seats, drink and a served gourmet meal, access to FRECCIAClub in stations and a special welcome at the platform.

If you still want to travel Bari-Roma, in Freccia, we have to options (FrecciaArgento and FrecciaRossa). It would take two hours less than Intercity, but it would cost more.

Italo trains have 4 levels of service as well: Smart, Comfort, Prima and Club Executive.

All Italo trains offer:

• Air conditioning
• Power sockets and tables for every seat
• Luggage space
• Free WI-FI
• Snack area with vending machine to buy espresso, cold drinks and snacks
• Toilets for every car

The Comfort one offer more space and comfort.

The Prima also offers welcome snacks, among other things, with snacks e beverages.

And the Club Executive also offers the possibility to access the Italo Lounge at the station, and according to the site, a rich selection of bakery products, drinks and personal displays for entertainment. In Club Executive, there’s the Salottino option, for a total privacy and silence.

As you might have guessed, on Italian trains there is always available the Wifi service. It’s, however, public wifi and therefore not very safe for your data. This wifi, in fact, becomes the target of hackers, who can easily steal information and movements, from personal details on social networks to passwords and credit card informations.

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Our trip

Let’s go back to our trip: our route was Bari-Firenze.

We prefer a direct trip, that is with no intervening stepovers during which you have to change the train, which mean a risk, if you count on the delay, technical problems and the effort in getting luggages off.

The Frecce didn’t offer a direct trip, so we chose Italo. And we decided to try the Club Executive, the first in the first class! Proportionally, we didn’t pay that much, actually!

In this period of Covid, to access any interregional train, you need a GreenPass, a “green passport”, that you can easily get if you’re vaccinated, if you had Covid in the previous six months or you had a negative test in the previous 48 hours.

To be honest, we expected something more from this Club Executive, that was supposed to be the TOP. The seats were comfy, but the table wasn’t that practical for working, for example, with the laptop. Moreover, there were no personal displays as ensuder on the site. We were given hand-sanatizing gel, some wipes and a wide range of drinks (juice, fizzy drinks, water, prosecco…), multiple times. Only sweet and savory snacks to eat. No warm or heavy meals, no bakery products, as they say on the site.

On the Frecce, instead, the situation is a bit different…

The Executive here really is the top of the top, with very respectable services, including, not only coffee, juice, snacks, drinks, but also hot and cold gourmet meals servizi, menus inspired to different Italian regions with recipes signed by the chef Carlo Cracco.

We still haven’t tried it, but if you want, we could do it show you, let us know in the comments! We’ll make this big “sacrifice” for you!

It exists also an old proverb, according to which you can see how clean a house is from the bathroom. it’s the same for other places. Let’s say that you have to be skinny in order to easily move in this one… and in particular… Just know that, if you see it this clean, that is why we shot this video as soon as we got on the train, when they had just been disinfected. We cannot guarantee that it’ll be in the same state after a few hours.

Anyway, we were able to have a beautiful aperitivo a bordo! With prosecco, olives and a mix of nuts! The convenient thing of this class is privacy. In general, there were a few people and it was quite enough.

And you? Have you ever been on an Italian train? What was your experience? Write it in the comments!

If you have already experienced this kind of trains multiple times, you could then try unknown routes and super original, that many italians still don’t know! We made a list of the unforgettable trips to take in Italy.

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