Traveling by Train: 8 unforgettable TRIPS to take (BY TRAIN) in Italy!

I’m sure you’ve imagined yourself visiting the magnificent landscapes of Italy at least once! Well, in this case, this video is just what you need. Today, we are going to recommend you 8 wonderful itineraries that will allow you to enjoy magical experiences and views in the Bel Paese!

The 8 most beautiful travel by train in Italy

Perhaps not everyone knows that Italy boasts an excellent railway line, which is very appreciated especially abroad. In this video we’ll discover the most popular stops on this railway line and begin a journey together across the Boot from North to South. Are you ready? Get your luggage ready… Off we go!

These are the 8 magnificent itineraries you can’t miss:

  • Our tour begins in Trentino Alto Adige: this is where we find the Railway Renon. It will feel like travelling back in time! Just think that this train is equipped with some historic cars that are still working. In about twenty minutes you will go from the centre of Bolzano to Soprabolzano, at an altitude of 1200 metres! The view on the Dolomites is breath-taking: the Railway Renon passes through 10 stations, from where you can opt for excursions on foot at any time (yes, you heard me right, you can start from any of the 10 stops!) Do you also want to know a small curiosity? If you want to treat yourself a whim, on this magical train you can book a dinner with several courses, each served at a different station. Please note that this option is only available in summer!

  • Let’s now move on to Piedmont: right here, precisely in Domodossola, you can board the “Foliage Train“, a characteristic blue and white train on the historic railway line that has linked Domodossola and Locarno since 1923. Thousands of tourists choose this route every year, which is particularly recommended in autumn: 52 kilometres long, it takes about two hours and will allow you to discover the marvellous autumn colours in the forests of Piedmont and Switzerland. Among bridges, tunnels, beautiful valleys, enchanting forests and charming villages, you will live a unique experience that will leave you speechless!

  • We now travel to Liguria. The Cinque Terre Express is a regional train that travels through a national park which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Cinque Terre National Park. The train travels from La Spezia to Levanto and stops in all 5 municipalities that are part of the park, giving you the possibility to get off the train and hop on again at any station (using one signle ticket). The route offers breathtaking views, travelling along stretches of coastline where sheer cliffs and rock faces alternate. It goes without saying that the Cinque Terre Express is the best way to visit this little corner of paradise!

  • Now it is Tuscany‘s turn: we would like to highlight two routes here. Let’s start with the Saline-Volterra-Cecina line, an ancient line: it seems that even the writer Cassola drew inspiration for a couple of his works from the panorama he often enjoyed from the train window. From March to May you have the opportunity to travel on historic trains. In addition, thanks to some themed events, it is possible to recall the history of this line, once known to the Etruscans and Romans.

  • Let’s stay in Tuscany: we would like to tell you about the Terre di Siena line. This is a great idea if you want to organise a tour of the Tuscan hamlets to enjoy delicious truffles and wine! Here you can go back in time and travel on a train powered by a steam engine. Have you ever heard of Trenonatura? Its itineraries all take one day; Siena is the point of departure and arrival. Perché ve lo consigliamo? Why do we recommend it? You will see wonderful landscapes, some of which you can only see from the train. You will be able to get off at the stations you prefer and then continue on foot through hamlets and castles. The culinary side of the trip is also a major factor here, offering tastings in farms, village festivals and enogastronomic stops where you can enjoy olive oil, truffles, wine and Tuscan pecorino cheese.

  • Let’s continue our tour along the “Trans-Siberian Railway of Italy“: we are talking about the Sulmona-Isernia line, which passes through Abruzzo and Molise. What is the reason for this unusual nickname? The name comes from the journalist Luciano Zeppegno, who described this line as “the little Trans-Siberian Railway” because of the heavy snowfalls that, especially in Abruzzo, create a resemblance to the much more famous Trans-Siberian Railway. In fact, this section of the line takes you to a considerable height: 1260 metres. You will be rewarded with beautiful views of the Majella National Park and Upper Molise. Here’s a tip. Don’t miss the chance to travel on the historic wooden trains which from spring to autumn will stop in the historical hamlets.

  • As we continue our journey, we come across two other beautiful regions: Apulia and Basilicata. Here, in fact, there is the Bari-Altamura-Matera line. The train still runs on a narrow-gauge line, so you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, including the wild orchid blossoms in spring. If you are not in a hurry, the train is truly the best way to visit this undiscovered area between Puglia and Basilicata! You will finally arrive in Matera, the City of Stones, proclaimed “European Capital of Culture” in 2019.

  • We finish our tour on one of Italy’s largest and most beautiful islands, Sicily. Have you ever heard of the Circumetnea? It is a railway line that goes around Etna (the highest volcano in Europe!). “Treno del vulcano” will allow you to admire small villages and vineyards that climb the walls of the volcano. Did you know that this railway line is also known as “Treno dei vini dell’Etna”? The historic railway was first opened in 1898 and it passes through many villages, giving travellers picturesque views of this unique landscape. The journey takes approximately 3 hours (about 110 km). Why is it so popular? Because of the variety of things to see: breath-taking lava landscapes, beautiful countryside, pistachio trees, and prickly pears. An interesting fact: the staff on this train is extremely welcoming and will certainly make you journey unforgettable by telling you about the history of the railway and interesting facts about this fascinating area.

Well, what are you waiting for? Buy your train tickets to visit these stunning destinations, we’re sure you’ll love them! Also, if you want to discover new breathtaking places to visit during your next trip to Italy, don’t forget to watch our video dedicated to the most beautiful and unknown places to visit in Italy!

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