Do I Speak Foreign Languages Properly? Find it out with this TEST!

A doubt that grips a large part of the students of a foreign language is if they speak that language properly. Evaluating your own level of knowledge of a foreign language can be very difficult, therefore we invented the first TACLS  (TEST di AUTOVALUTAZIONE di Conoscenza di una Lingua Straniera) in the world.

Test di Autovalutazione di Conoscenza di una Lingua Straniera

The TACLS is a test composed by 11 questions to which you’ll have to answer with a simple: “yes” or “no”. At the end of  the test you’ll find the official chart that will indicate your level of knowledge of the language.

1) Are you aware of your mistakes? 

Self-correction is the key component to understand if you’re reaching a high level n the language you’re learning, because humans make mistakes, and recognizing the mistake in order to avoid it next time is the basis to master the language.

2) Can you understand and use humor properly? 

Understanding humor is one of the most difficult things in a foreign language! In fact, it may happen to find a foreign TV channel and not understand a single word. If that happens, then there’s still work to do.

3) Do you ever read or listen unknowingly ?

It may happen to listen to a college lesson, a video or read something in English without noticing at all that’s not our mother language… that’s due to our mind getting used, through exercise, to understand naturally the language we’re studying.

4) Do native speakers speak to you naturally? 

If the answer to this question is “yes”, you don’t need to worry, but if you notice that native speakers, speaking to you, try to use simple words and speak slowly, then it means you have not reached a good level of knowledge of the language yet. But don’t worry, with a little effort you’ll learn to speak naturally.

5) Do words and sentences come to you spontaneously? 

Ideally, we should speak a foreign language like we do with our native language, speaking almost without thinking what we’re saying, putting together sentences spontaneously and non-mechanic.
In fact, if you find yourself wondering:  “com’era quella parola?”, “come si dice…?”, “qual è quell’espressione che…”, then you’ll study a little more.

6) Have you ever dreamed in a foreign language ?

Dreaming in the language you’re learning, it means that your mind is getting used to the new language enough to use it unknowingly.

7) Can you communicate in different contexts? 

Speaking in a foreign language means being able to use it in different contexts: at the bar, theater, restaurant, supermarket, doctor, railway station and so on! In this regard, if you like, take a look at our course “Italiano In Contesto“, we’re sure it’ll be extremely helpful if you are learning Italian!

8) Can you understand the words of a song without text or a movie without subtitles? 

A problem that’s quite common among the students of a foreign language is that, even though they perfectly understand speeches, they have difficulty understanding movie dialogues and songs in the language they’re learning. That is due to the fact that many movies are full of cultural references, idioms, informal sentences and so on. Therefore, succeeding in understanding movies lines and songs is certainly an indication of the fact that your level of knowledge is quite advanced.

9) Do people mistake you for a native speaker? 

Learning how to speak correctly is doable, however hiding your accent is never so easy. But if you manage to do that, nobody will be able to notice you’re speaking your second language!

10) Do you ever notice any mistakes in other people’s translations?

When you reach a high level in the language you’re studying, there’s the possibility to find some mistakes in other people’s translations. If you’re able to do that, you should be proud.

11) Do you know how to use bad words properly?

One of the first things that everyone wants to learn is bad words, however most of times students can’t use it properly!  In fact, knowing bad words doesn’t just mean knowing the vulgar words of a language, but also using it at the right time and place! But don’t worry: if you have doubts on how to use Italian bad words, take a look at the video we made on this topic, it’s very funny!

But now it’s the moment of truth! Here’s the chart to determine the level you reached:

A1 = 1/2 yes

A2 = 3/4 yes

B1 = 5/6 yes

B2 = 7/8 yes

C1 = 9/10 yes

C2 = 11 yes

Alright, we hope this article was useful to know your level of a foreign language. Besides, if you want to test yourselves you can take a look at our other tests like: test on prepositions or the Italian grammar test. Don’t miss them!

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