KOREAN woman learns ITALIAN and becomes an OPERA SINGER – Olivia Smith’s interview

We bring you another testimony of the benefits of our Italian courses: Olivia Smith, a girl of Korean origin, who lives in the United States, has learned Italian and has become an opera singer! Olivia started as a beginner (A1 e A2) and now she wants to commit to reach the intermediate level (B1/B2). Our Italian professor, Graziana Filomeno, interviewed her to know her experience.

Korean woman talks in Italian

Below you will find the complete transcription of the interview that we had with Olivia Smith:

Ciao Olivia! Tell us a bit about yourself, where do you live now? What are your origins?

Hi everybody! I’m Olivia! I live in the United States, I’m korean, I married an american man and I have two sons.

So your kids are bilingual, they speak Korean and English?

They prefer to talk in English, because they live here. But perhaps they’ll learn Korean, maybe next year.

What about Italian? Do your kids speak Italian?  

After moving to the United States, they didn’t want to speak Italian, beacause they don’t need it. But I fell in love with Italian.

Why do you like Italy and Italian so much?

Because when I was studying opera music in the nited States, I relized that Italian was fundamental to understand the text. After I got married, we moved to Italy and I started learning italian. I started with an A1 level, as a beginner! I didn’t know anything, now, after 3 years I can listen and speak well, so I am very happy. How do you say in Italian “a dream come true!”?

Un sogno diventato realtà.

Un sogno diventato realtà. We started our lessons, more or less,a year ago. When I lived in Italy there was the pandemic, so I couldn’t go to an Italian school. So , to solve this problem, I found many channel of Italian language on the web, I chose wich channel I liked more and…I’ve always thought that there should be chemistry between teachers and students, it’s very important for me, maybe for other students as well. When I study Italian with you, with Learnamo, I like it a lot, because I have fun: you are the best YouTube channel and web site to lern Italian!

I am glad, in fact we always try to make amusing lessons.

You did a great job. The videos and the lessons that I found in other channels and web site were boring, but I like learning Italian with you, so much more. Your individual Italian clases for me are a joy: every time that I know I’ll be having a private lesson with you, I get excited because I know I’ll be having fun and I’ll get to learn so much!

How was the experience of living in Italy?

Life in Italy is very simple, I like it so much because when I lived there there were many different characteristics and strong personalities. You all know that food in Italy is delicious. For breakfast I always eat a brioche and a cappuccino. For lunch I like to eat a tramezzino. And also pasta. Spaghetti with clams. Every city has its own typal food. For three years I had fun, in fact, I miss so much Italy…Maybe one day I’ll come back. After reading your book, Italiano Colloquiale: Parole ed Espressioni per Tutti i Giorni, I feel comfotable in the situations of common life!

Amazing! I am happy that our book helped you! Just curious: wich is your favourite Italian city?

It’s not easy to answerr, because every Italian city is beautiful. However, my favourite city is Florence.

I also like Venice and Milan. I know very well Milan because I’ve studied classical music there, but when I arrived in Florence I immediately fell in love. Because is full of culture, food…I really enjoyed the big steak (Fiorentina steak).

And that’s it? Aren’t the other things good in Florence?

Yes, there are many good things, but the big steak got stucked in my mind: in fact, when I was in Florence, I ordered a steak for two people, for me and my husband, but my husband ate everything. Too good!

The the Uffizi Gallery…Beautiful. There are so many things to see, also to feel, I love it, when I’ll be back in Italy, I would like to live in Florence.

Yes for those who love art it is a very beautiful city, indeed.

Exactly, Graziana… you’re in Florence now, right?

Yes, now I live in Florence and I can confirm that it is beautiful to live here, there is just a magical atmosphere!

I want to take the B1 exam this year, so I’m excited and I have to study hard. B1 means a lot to me, because I started with an A1/A2 level and now I’m making a transition… to go to a higher level!

Of course, you’re halfway there: B1 represents half  of the route.

When I’ll reach C1, I don’t know when, I would like to read the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.

It’s a great challenge! Olivia, thank you very much! It was a great pleasure for me to have this wonderful chat with you!

Thank you Graziana, I’m happy to represent Learnamo!

You will be an inspiration for other students!

Let’s see if you’ve mastered the contents of this class. Have a go at completing the exercises!

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